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Quantum Stellar Initiative - QSI

The following information was sent to Rob McConnell by Mark Hazlewood.

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Researcher, Author. Disclosure Central is happening on QSI, the Greatest transfer of wealth in history ongoing, and Technologies out of this world have already been introduced & invested in with daily Initial Coin offerings (ICO's). Opportunities to be a part of it all now. Much more to come. Q has revealed itself in November. It's all about the new Quantum Stellar Financial System (QSFS) & ascension. White Hats are in control of everything worldwide. A huge sting operation has been ongoing.

Ascended Masters like Saint Germaine, & Archangel Michael set up the first Trusts that hold unfathomable amounts of wealth set aside for our time. Just one such account that was temporarily stolen by the Rothschilds is labeled "Spiritual White Boy". It has 4 numbers in front followed by 40 zeros afterward. All backed by gold deposited in hundreds of banks around the world. 

QSI (Quantum Stellar Initiative) is an e-group started 2 1/2 half years ago by a young 40-year-old brilliant, funny, positive, leader. Her name is Emily Tang. She did this to study and promote the new QSFS. The new Quantum Stellar Financial System.

Plus along the way, unbeknownst to her, the Q team started working with her. The Q team who is behind the new QSFS along with IBM officially outed themselves in November of 2023.

What they've told us so far is the cornerstone is an advanced positive Quantum AI computer that can accurately predict future events to the day, years in advance. Plus 3 Galactic beings, at least one ascended master, & several Russians. The Galactic beings may all be ascended. They are now the developers behind the disclosure and release of technology through the ICO's on QSI e-group on telegram. 

First, the digital assets won't start getting their value poured into them until the RV/Gesara/Nesara happens one year from now in the first quarter of 2025 according to Q. (remember their Quantum computer is very accurate with dates) 


1. Time Travel

2. Dimensional Travel (with only dimensions of similar tech allowed)

3. Anti-gravity shoes

4. Skills: The ability to download into your brain any skill that you'd ever want without having to spend years studying. Musical genius? done in an instant. Want to learn any language? fine you got it right away no studying. Want to learn to surf? Go ahead. Buy a board you're on. Be impervious to heat or cold. Adapt easily to high altitudes or deep water. Have super lightning-fast reflexes like racers or fighters. Endurance of ultramarathoners. Extreme balancing. Hyper concentration like a Zen Master. Advanced acting skills like our best in movies. (just scratching the surface here)

5. Fish DNA is designed to eat pollution and then deposit electricity at a central location for use by humans.

6. Wrist device to open a port hole to travel anywhere in the Universe instantly.

7. Replicator

8. Teleporter

9. Create a personal environment/weather device. Tropics up north? Yes.

10. Aqua Spring creates fresh mineral water springs even in a desert.

11. Galactic Med-beds (best in the Universe) 15 separate ones that do different things.

  • Youthfulpod:  age regression. Choose the age you want down to 15 years old (lowest allowed). Astral: talk to your deceased friends or relatives in the astral plane. Vitalbeat: repairs 100% of the worst heart conditions.  
  • SCIASTE: Repairs your bones & teeth to perfection. 
  • LYUBOVI: repairs reproductive health.
  • KRASOTA (beauty) changes your body & see in 3D what it will look like before you decide. taller? larger smaller breasts? (within reason) larger manhood? (within reason keep in mind most women are only 5 inches deep) higher cheekbones? larger or different color eyes?  
  • EDINSTVO reincarnation or resurrection ability to decide on your own reincarnation. Also, it takes a month to do & you have to check soul contracts with Astral but you can bring passed relatives back. They will look like how they left but you can let them know they will be age-regressed with Youthfulpod if they want or need it.

The original technology was patented in 1985. 

  • NEUROBALANCE cleans the subconscious turning bad memories into positive ones. Changes your whole attitude about life. 
  • SOLNTSE: Taps into all the skills you've had in previous lives & allows you to access them. There are more med-beds.

12. Micro Fusion device to run your home 50MWs daily & another that's 5000MW monthly that can run 500 to 10,000 homes (to be available in 2028)

13. Small Anti-gravity backpack (comes with lessons about how to levitate or fly with it. A shield protects against collisions.

14. Nano particles to protect houses or cities against all weather conditions and earthquakes.

15. Dark Matter Used to create a planet sucking in all the material needed. Can be used to design exactly what you want mountains rivers plains beaches floating islands etc...

16. MicroQSI implant gives you superpower abilities as you see in the movies. Run faster than a cheetah, pick up the side of a car, dodge a bullet, and allow you to see to the microscopic level like the movie Lucy. Or with a heads-up display navigate any foreign city to your destination. Ability for time to slow down for yourself to dodge cars, and bullets, & move out of the way like the Flash. It protects you from danger at all times. Enhances your muscle power for any activity. Gives the ability to understand, talk, and read any language.   

17. A pet dragon or unicorn to your exact DNA design. Yes, dragons do exist & can breathe fire out (not in). Want one to sit on your shoulder like a parrot or big enough to fly on? What colors/designs?

These ICO's aren't all so exciting.

Here's a small list of companies that have been seized & will continue on with positive management making our future bright:

  • Foxcon
  • Bayer
  • Siemens
  • IBM Q
  • Haliburton 
  • Blackrock
  • Docusign
  • Tesla
  • Nokia
  • HSBC 
  • Boeing 
  • Goldman
  • Kodak
  • Lloyds 
  • Aimco 
  • Ford
  • Grayslake
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • PayPal
  • Sony Corp 
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft Quantum
  • Nvidia 
  • Honeywell 
  • Toyota 
  • Lukoil 
  • Wirex
  • Pimco
  • Broadcom
  • Raytheon 
  • Intel Corporation 
  • Fedex
  • Etsy 
  • Wisdomtree
  • Ing
  • Verizon 
  • Bosch
  • Zeroavia
  • NXT
  • Hitachi 

*** NOTE ***: The information provided by Mark Hazlewood along with the link to this interview has been shared with international law enforcement agencies.

Mark said that he has not seen any proof of the claims made by QSI besides the documents that he has secured using QSI WhatsApp.

According to Mark Hazelwood, these projects are being created in Antarctica in the giant caves that Hitler was supposed to have worked with the extraterrestrials.

On a personal note, the fact that there are Russian Scientists heavily involved in QSI is another red flag as to the credibility of the QSI. How can the Russians do so much with QSI and yet they cannot beat a small country like Ukraine in the current war?

To listen to this interview click the following link: