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The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220

Monday - Friday 10 pm - Midnight

what guests of the 'x' zone radio show on classic 1220 say about Rob McConnell and The 'X' Zone Radio Show Experience:

MELISSA ABRAHAM - Weird & Wacky Funerals, - "Thanks very much for the interview, I felt very welcome and would be happy to talk again sometime! I was really appreciative of the way you were able to seamlessly mention our website, and also of the 3 music selections - “Down Under”, Pachebels “Canon” and “Wonderful World” all very appropriate and so thoughtful of you to take the time to make a complete theme experience for your listeners. Thanks again."

STEVEN AIZENSTAT - Dream Tending - - I enjoyed the interview and, as you know, Rob is an experienced interviewer,  He is great at what he does - a combination of innate talent, audience sensitivity, and engaged interaction. . .  We spoke of Dreams from my long standing work. 

RONA ANDERSEN - Paranormal Investigator, -"This was my first time on the radio and I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Rob. I was honoured to have been asked to be on his show and would love to come back in the future. The topics that end up on his show are fascinating. A good show to listen to for supernatural, paranormal, and current trend issues. Thanks Rob!"

LINDA & ALLEN ANDERSON - Angel Animals Network, - "Thank you so much for having us as guests on X-Zone again. It’s always wonderful to connect with a fellow animal lover. Your points about being careful in taking on the responsibility of a pet surely helped listeners give second thoughts to wrapping a bow around a cute puppy and giving her as a Christmas gift. You and your wife are gems. We appreciate you."

MATTHEW ALPER - The 'God' Part of the Brain: A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality - - "You give a great interview--thoughtful, respectful (especially considering how contrary my views are to most your listeners) and fun. Thanks again for having me on and anytime you're ready for more, let me know."

VICKI JOY ANDERSON - Sleep Paralysis, Might Terrors and Biblical Demons - - "I had a great time on the show yesterday. You were a very gracious, friendly, prepared, and professional host and I loved the humor and banter between segments. Thank you so much for having me on and introducing me to the X Zone listeners! Hope to chat with you again some time soon."

MARK ANTHONY, JD PSYCHIC EXPLORER - - It has been an honor to appear as a repeat guest on The 'X' Zone Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnell. Rob has an upbeat and engaging interview style which makes a guest feel welcome. However, his deep and well thought out questions also lead to deep and fascinating discussions as we delve into topics you won't find in mainstream media. Whether it is afterlife science, near-death experiences, ancient mysteries, reincarnation, spirit communication or UFOs, The 'X' Zone is a cutting edge show which demonstrates that the paranormal is normal and the supernatural is part of nature--or are they? That's part of the reason I always look forward to being Rob's guest on The 'X' Zone because this is the show where both the guest and the audience have to expect the unexpected. 

FABIO R. DE ARAUJO - Obama Prophecies, - "It`s a terrific experience to be your guest. Your show is very interesting and I highly enjoy the questions. I wish you great success for your new TV program too!"

DR. ELANA ASHLEY - Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker, - "I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with Rob this evening. It was great fun and a privilege to be able to talk about my children’s book – Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker, Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet - as well as mention my new, upcoming, bilingual reader of this same book in English and Spanish due out just before the holidays - for an audience of listeners spanning several continents. Just after the radio show this evening, I found some e-mails from listeners who wrote to say how much they enjoyed my interview on Rob’s show. My hat is off to you, Rob, for making our hour together very pleasant, at times, quite amusing, and always informative. Our children are our future. Let us all be models of what is good, and just, and kind, and show our children that we accept full accountability for our words and actions. In the words of Spokespuppet Splunkunio Splunkey©, the five-foot Peacemaker from Planet Onyx - “Let us all work together to make this world a better place in which to live, love and pursue our dreams.” To My Charming Host this evening and to All Our Listeners - Happy Holidays, Everyone!"

PMH ATWATER - Near-Death Experiences, - "Rob McConnell is a terrific interviewer. I was more than surprised and pleased with his ability and his resourcefulness. Thank you for a great time. I look forward to being called back next week and if you ever need a “fill-in,” call me. I would love to be on again and again. Hugs to all, PMH"

LOYD AUERBACH - Author and Paranormal Researcher, - "It’s great to have the X-Zone and Rob McConnell back. He’s a well-informed interviewer, who asks both interesting and often thought provoking questions, and doesn’t simply accept the “true believers” perspectives without questioning them. It is an essential attitude if we are to understand anything about these phenomena which we call paranormal -- one simply cannot be all-believing or all-disbelieving, as both perspectives eliminates the main way we learn, by asking questions. Thanks again for having me on the show, Rob, and I look forward to many more such experiences in the X-Zone."

JOANNE AZOO - Ojai Paranormal Investigators - - "Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your show! I really felt like we were sitting in the sameroom and having a great conversation on subjects we are passionate about! I appreciate everything you do! Great energy connecting us all! Joanne Azoo."

MICK AND SYLVIE AVERY - English Spirit Mediums, - "We really so enjoy going on Rob McConnell’s “X-Zone,” (we have been on 3x so far!) because basically he is a really knowledgeable man who obviously wants to share; he listens and is a neat individual who is sincere. There may be surprises in your life; some things might not go according to plan but being on air with Rob is always something to look forward to with certainty and to treasure. Thank you Rob, from all of us! Mick & Sylvie Avery and our spirit friends."

DENNIS G. BALTHASER - and - "It has been 6 or 7 years since I did an interview on the ‘X’ Zone radio show, so it was quite an honour and pleasure to be invited back recently. Rob’s show hosting style is one of my favourites, simply because he is well prepared for his guests, which makes the interview more in-depth and informative for the audience. Rob challenges his guests also, not accepting everything that is said, making one think about the subject being discussed. Shows such as the ‘X’ Zone radio show are of vital importance in keeping the public informed, and hosts such as Rob add to the credibility when “searching for the truth.""

BETSY BALEGA - Clairvoyant / Author, - "People around the world have asked me, “How did you get started as a guest on radio shows?” My reply is consistently the same, “Rob McConnell is responsible for starting my media appearances. In fact, Rob is responsible for kick starting my career into high gear.” Then I take them back to September 4, 2004, when I debuted on The “X” Zone. In fact, I have a cd of that show right here beside me. I keep it close and within eye sight to always remind me where, how and with whom I began. The number of listeners that night years ago, is not important. What is amazing that Rob and I kept talking for 2 hours straight, with just a few commercial breaks. There is no dead air with Rob. Chi flows. Kei flows. Energy flows. When you work with Rob McConnell ideas flow, the show flows and before you know it hours have flown. One of the best benefits of working with Rob McConnell is his quick wit and humour. He takes the nervous out of what I call “GA” Guest Anxiety. It doesn’t exist in The ‘X’ Zone Nation; a worry free zone for authors, investigators, UFOlogists, psychics, mediums, healers and all citizens of the ‘X’ Zone Nation who tune in to hear all sides of a story. Rob is consistently at the forefront of breaking Paranormal news around the world. If it’s happening on any of the 7 continents you’ll hear about it with Rob McConnell as fast as it happens."

DR. RAYMOND BARNETT - Author: Relax You’re Already Home: Everyday Taoist Habits For A Richer Life, - "Spooky. I mentioned how the Folk Taoist approach to health and happiness includes celebrating our “guides” to exuberant living, such as Elvis--and the next break, we have my all-time favourite Elvis song (Kentucky Rain) leading back into the interview! Then when I mention the Folk Taoist view that life is precious and the good as well as the tough aspects should be accepted and savoured--next break, we have Louie Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World,” my second favourite recording of a great song (Izzy’s recording edges the Satchmo out on this one). Which is to say, Rob McConnell listens, responds, and in a whole bunch of ways understands and exemplifies the Folk Taoist approach to life illustrated in my “Relax, You’re Already Home: Everyday Taoist Habits for a Richer Life.” Spooky. Theme music from Twilight Zone in the background. McConnell in his shades emerges from the shadows. A sardonic grin cracks his furrowed face. Here’s to a great show."

WILLIAM BARNES - "I have conducted over 200 radio interviews during the past two years. By far Rob McConnell asks the most intelligent questions of any radio talk show host I have encountered. It was obvious that Mr. McConnell prepared for our interview. By that I mean it was obvious he actually read my book and reviewed press releases and my press kit. This made for a delightful interview. Mr. McConnell actually lets the people he interviews tell their story. He is never sarcastic or condescending. These qualities do give results. Every time, Rob interviews me I get tremendous public response. On a scale of 1 to 10 as a radio host, Rob McConnell scores a 15."

ELIZABETH BARON - Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, - "I have been a guest on television and radio shows for 26 years and have even had my own daily show in Las Vegas but I can truly say that I have never met any talk show host that has his show more “put together” than you. I can’t say enough about how comfortable I felt; how well structured your show is and you give your guests time to “talk”. I feel I have many years of experience in the paranormal field and yet, time after time, a talk show host will put me on and then let the telephone run with questions, “what about my love life, what about my health, what about my future.” These are questions that can take up precious time and are boring to the radio audience unless you are the one asking those questions, when the time can be spent in a more constructive way, educating and informing the audience as to what the paranormal is all about. Thank you for a two hour interview that was well thought out and carried through to inform the public. Thank you for your professionalism. Elizabeth Baron."

CAROLYN BARTZ - Author: Secrets of Cat Attitude Revealed - "I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to share my passion with your listeners worldwide last night. (Fri Feb 22 2008 - 11 pm - 12 am EST) Your easy going professionalism put me at ease and made me feel a “natural”. It was like a discussion between you and myself as opposed to an interview. When the host shares the same interest and passion for the subject, it is effortless teamwork to get the message to the people. You may use any part or all of this as testimony of my experience. You are wonderful and a pleasure to meet. Maybe we will meet again, your friend, Carolyn."

STEPHEN BASSETT - Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group, - "Rob McConnell is the hardest working man in radio. Four guests a show, five days a week plus a newsletter- I don’t know how he does it."

MITCH BATTROS - Earth Changes Media - - "Media host and investigator Rob McConnell, has been a breath of fresh air for those serious about gaining information in the uncertain in which we live. He began in the early 90’s when alternative news was just beginning. Competition was crude, and internet protocol was not set leaving itself to reckless, and perhaps even criminal activity going on over the air. But Rob found his way through the gauntlet of charlatans, freaks, and frauds. He has maintained his integrity and is worthy of his position as a broadcaster and investigator in areas of study which sometimes breads less competent individuals. I am grateful to say I have been a frequent guest on his show and remain available to Rob and his listeners."

BILL BEAN - Author of Dark Force & Delivered, - "I have been a guest on Rob’s show several times. I find him to be a top-notch professional, a gifted talk show host and a great guy. I highly recommend Rob McConnell and ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show. I have granted over 700 media interviews in my career, and Rob McConnell’s ‘X’ Zone is one of my favourite shows to be on. Bill Bean Author/Lecturer/Media Personality"

ROCHELLE BECKER - Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, - "Thank you so much for the opportunity to share our important message with your listening audience. It was so refreshing to be interviewed by a host who check his facts in advance. I was hoping that you could place a link to our website on your website and let those who may e-mail you know our contact info. I had several e-mails stating people were impressed with the program. The time just flew by and your questions were on target and your comments insightful."

KEN BEHRENDT - The Physics of the Paranormal, - "Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be a guest on your interesting ‘X’ Zone radio show tonight. I must admit that I was a bit nervous since it was my first ever interview on radio, but your excellent interviewing skills helped me relax and I found it to be a most enjoyable experience."

JEFF BELANGER - Author, Lecturer, Founder of - "It’s always a pleasure joining Rob McConnell and the X Zone Nation for an open discussion of topics that are often seen as “on the fringe,” but are nonetheless human experiences. The X Zone program is an asset not only to those of us who study the paranormal, but to anyone who understands that we don’t know everything and there are many mysteries in our universe left to be explored. Rob keeps the discussion moving, isn’t afraid to challenge different viewpoints, and can also share a laugh, too. When it’s my turn to pass on, I will haunt his studio forever just so I can keep listening."

DR. FRED BELL - Chief Chef, BBS Network Inc. (BBS Radio), - "Rob is a great honest radio personality and friend of many years. I have done research and shows with him. I wish he was my neighbour here in Southern California, as there are many things we could do together to further our careers."

MICHAEL FITZHUGH BELL - Neurological Weapons Technology, - "I wanted to thank you for having me on your show last night. Rob, I must say you were very kind to me and empathetic to my situation and predicament as a Targeted Individual. Your insight and questions were excellent and I believe that we created a compelling and interesting presentation together. I would like you to know how much I appreciate your mentioning my websites and my books to your Listenership. I hope I will be fortunate enough to be invited back in the future. Thank you, again, Rob, it was a pleasure to be your Guest Speaker. Best wishes always, your friend, Michael Fitzhugh Bell"

SLOAN BELLA - Psychic, - "Hello Rob and Everyone on the ‘X’ Zone Radio show. I was so excited about doing your show and being invited, this was my first invitation to do radio. I have done television and wasn’t sure how to convey myself without the visual aid. I absolutely enjoyed Rob and his easy style of communication, he truly enjoys his work with the paranormal and is extremely open to the individual expression of psychic/mediums and how we work. In a world where the unknown is often shunned, I find the ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and Rob a great forum to express what often goes un said. Thank you so much and I hope to join you again in the future. Much luck this coming May with your show as you go more public, which is exactly what air ways need!!!"

DR. ARTHUR BERNARD, PH.D. - Dream Techniques, - "Dear Rob McConnell: Thanks for having me as a guest on your show May 7, 2009. I enjoyed it very much and I like your style. You were so well prepared and the music was very appropriate. Just call me and let me know when you would like me to be a guest again. Also, if a guest cancels and you need someone quickly, I would like you to consider me. Thanks again."

CHRISSIE BLAZE - Want to see what March 2008 holds for you? - "Thanks, Rob, for having me on your show last night, and for allowing a nice platform for The Twelve Blessings. You are a great host in more ways than one! Blessings to you - Gary sends his regards too. We actually just got a contract to write a book on “Mystic Jesus - His Radical Message of Love” - so when that’s published (still have to write it!) we’ll be bugging you again."

HOWARD BLOOM - Core Faculty Member, The Graduate Center,  author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History and Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the 21st Century - "Rob McConnell is a true find--a man of intelligence and openness of mind, one of those rare individuals who is at home with a scientists as he is with those who believe in the supernatural. To anyone considering an appearance on his show, I say by all means give yourself the privilege. And to those able to listen, do. McConnell will take you on voyages which show you new ways to understand what counts the most--you.” Howard Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History and of Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang to the 21st Century. Rob McConnell is a pleasure. I’ve done several interviews on the 'X' Zone, and each one has forged a friendship--a friendship with Rob. That kind of rapport is rare, special, and to be cherished."

HOWARD BLOOM - The Howard Bloom Institute - - Rob McConnell is more fun than a barrel of rabbits. His wit astonishes. And he does deeply meaningful interviews. He is, in short, a gem!

RICK BORGIA - Musician, Composer & Psychic Painter - "Rob McConnell Has A “Handsome”, “Good Looking” , “Honest And Wise” ---Voice! The qualities in that voice say; “Go’s your with it...yeah...go! ..go!”. It is a wonder that Rob is able to do this show each night, with the stellar array of distinguished guests that he connects with SO WELL on their level! His accumulated good vibes are visible over the air! For me the experience was like a jam session....with Rob putting down the Rhythm section for my solo! During the course of the hour, yes, I made some questionable ‘musical’ statements,...all in the spirit of THE MOMENT! It WAS A TOTAL BLAST! (for my virgin radio interview experience I must admit Rob was gentle and understanding. And now I know so much better how to do this very important activity called “Communicate Clearly”.)"

CORI BRACKETT - Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, - "It was great talking with Rob tonight. He is an excellent, informed host. I found myself in the midst of a lively discussion."

VON BRASCHLER: "It is always an honor and joy to be interviewed by Rob and discuss topics that he can address so fluently.. He makes it lively, interesting, and easier for his audience to grapple with deep subjects. I am always delighted to be a guest on his show."

DARYL BREESE - Knights of Columbus - "Being in the X-Zone was easily my best radio talk show experience. Rob is a talented, sincere, gregarious interviewer. As you can imagine, having three pending truths in front of the Holy Father is quite remarkable and requires detailed explanation to the many questions people have. Naming the Beast, Antichrist and the Unity of Jews/Christians has generated a Papal “warning” between his hospital stays - that is how important our days are.......thank you Rob! Being able to tie the CW of Theoretical Physics 11 dimensional “M” Theory with seven heavens and our four dimensions is at the forefront of the Vatican’s Academy of Science work. I was thrilled to present a small part of the Church’s “Inside Knowledge”, that generally is compatible with most of the topics on the X-Zone. It is truly all one big picture."

BERYL BROWN - Driftwood Publications - "Thank you for the opportunity to give you some facts about what Bryan Jameison and what he discovered about reincarnation over the 35 years that he spent helping other people rid themselves of past life detrimental emotions in order to live a happier and more fulfilling present life. I hope that some of your listeners now understand the cycle of life better and realize that they are the creators of their lives. That enables them to change them since they created them."

LYN BUCHANAN - Executive Director, Problems Solutions Innovations - "I’ve been interviewed on several shows, but this is one of the first where, from the very first minute of the phone conversation (even before the show started), the host was more concerned about my comfort and welfare than about getting a show done. During the show, it was evident that Rob was actually interested in the topic of remote viewing, rather than just being a provider of entertainment for the masses. That is refreshing and rare. I was most impressed with his friendliness, interest, and the ease with which he conducts an interview. I think that the way to sum up the whole experience was that when it was over, my first thought was, “That was fun!”"

JOE BULL - The Coral Castle, Florida, USA - "Rob McConnell has a special talent as a radio host. He puts you at ease with his style, humour and insightful questions. I forgot I was being interviewed and felt like I was having a fireside chat with a good friend....the secret of the professionals like Rob is the ability to put the guest at ease so they’re not nervous.....that is Rob’s greatest gift.....I look forward to a long chat with my good friend and professional host, Rob McConnell."

ANDREW CALIMACH - Haiduk Press - "A big “Thank you” to Rob McConnell for the considerate and thoughtful way he conducted the interview about “Lovers’ Legends Unbound”. I have done many interviews about my work with the gay Greek myths, and it is a rare pleasure to work with an interviewer who has both intelligence and heart. Have I said “Thank you?”"

REV. DR. TOM CAMERON - The Human Stun Gun, - "Thank you for the wonderful experience & exposure last night. You are, as I said, a kind and congenial host. I wish that we had your broadcast in the Chicago area but there is always hope for the future. A lot of interviews that I have had in the past have focused on the more sensational aspects of the arts, so I was greatly gratified by the fact that you focused on the character building aspects of the arts as a whole. Thanks again for your time and generosity. Anytime you would like a return, please feel free to ask."

ROBERT LEE CAMP: " I just want to tell you guys that I really enjoy being a guest on your show. You are a great host and help bring out the interesting parts of my work to share with your audience. I hope we can do more shows in the future. I have some great ideas about celebrities in the news and how this system that I work with can reveal hidden traits and also predict their future. I wish you all a great holiday season. See you next year!"

CRAIG CAMPOBASSO - UFOs and Extraterrestrials - - "Thank you so much for having me on. Rob is a fantastic host."

GEORGINA CANNON: "I always knew you could have fun at midnight....but I had no idea how much fun it could be on radio at midnight! Thanks Rob for a fun and thought provoking hour! The music is terrific too. Yes, we did get to talk about hypnosis and my book RETURN about past life regression......but in a totally different way. I would love to have heard some of the e-mails you didn’t read!! Thanks for the invitation, glad I stayed up to chat. Georgina."

EARLENE CARR - From The Motherland To The Mothership,  - "Being on Rob’s show was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Rob has that unique ability to make you feel at ease right from the very start. Rob also has a valuable asset as an interviewer to delve deep into the subject that you are discussing by asking relevant questions and maintaining objectivity, no matter how far out the comments by his guest may personally sound to him. He never makes you feel that way. He respects his guests stories and thoroughly entertains even the most seemingly bizarre or far out information. If only all talk show hosts could take some lessons from Rob. Thanks Rob for simply being a gracious, objective and accommodating host."

DALE CARTER - UFOs and Religion, - "Thank you for having me on your show April 23, 2008. It is an excellent show. There are always excellent guests, and you, Rob McConnell are an excellent host."

LUCILLE CASSARINO - Authors of Pigs, Nerds and Macho Men - "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be guests on your show. We enjoyed talking with you because you made us feel very much at ease. It was as if we were talking with an old friend. Your questions and comments were certainly right on top of the current dating scene. We hope you had as much fun as we did!"

DR. MICHAEL CASTLE - Chemtrails - "Thanks for the very good interview and Show last evening. I came away from it feeling like our talk just may have reached the ears, hearts and minds of someone special...that may just make a dramatic difference in stopping this insidious poisoning. Let’s hope. I was also very impressed with your study and baseline knowledge of the facts and subject matter. ChemTrails are complex to understand, once one gets past the thought that they ARE occurring. Again, thanks for being an intelligent voice and moderator in this cause. Please keep me posted and I look forward to working with you again on your Show."

SCOTT CHRISTIANSEN - Psychic Medium, Author of Bridging the Gap Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds, Teacher, Past Life Regressionist, Healer, Medical Intuitive & Poet. - "Rob, I really enjoyed being on your show. You are great to work with and keep the interview rolling along smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed being your guest on March 10th, 2005. I look forward to doing it again soon! I have worked with some of the best in the industry and you are top notch! You really are providing such a wonderful service to humanity and the collective unconscious of the planet through your work! Keep up the good work!"

CHRISTOS - Numerologist - "I believe that Rob McConnell and the ‘X’ Zone are making a difference in the lives of ordinary people all over the world who tune in to the program. The line-up of guests and topics are appealing to a huge international underground demand for alternative information on thought provoking topics. The presentation of the information is not fear based, but rather intellectually and spiritually oriented. This is what I believe resonates deeply with the audience. Each show is testament to the fascinating ‘hidden’ aspects of the world we live in, but seldom talk about, except in a forum like the ‘X’ Zone. Rob and the ‘X’ Zone are on the pulse of the ‘alternative’ movement, and as a guest and regular listener, I am proud to do my part to provide helpful information to audience members. I wish everyone affiliated with the ‘X’ Zone well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. THE WORLD IS LISTENING!"

DANIEL CLARK - Your God Is My God, - "Thanks so much for having me on the show and inviting me back. You were very pleasant and easy to talk to and thanks for promoting the book so much. I would also like to thank the whole staff for making my first radio interview go so smoothly for me."

CHIP COFFEY - Psychic, Medium and Paranormal Investigator, - "My friend and ghost hunting partner, Patti Starr, and I made a guest appearance on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show during The Las Vegas Paranormal Conference in October, 2005. We were all exhausted from the many great activities taking place at the conference, but host Rob McConnell’s energy and enthusiasm was infectious. (I meant that in a GOOD way, Rob ... not like the flu or a bad rash or anything! LOL) Rob is a consummate professional, with a wealth of knowledge, and his mind is open to all the possibilities of the paranormal and unexplainable. He’s also very funny and charming, so his guests immediately feel at ease when doing the show with him. It was an immense pleasure appearing on The ‘X’ Zone with Rob and I certainly look forward to having the chance to be on his show again in the future."

PATTI L. CONKLIN - Medical Intuitive, -It was an honour to be a guest of Rob McConnell’s on the X-Zone. I truly appreciate Rob’s ability as a host to be considerate, honest and questioning, He is in sync with his guest and his listening audience in terms of asking the pertinent questions that his listeners want to have ask. Rob is a pleasure and I look forward to a return visit."

WILLIAM CONSTANTINE - Metaphysician, The Center for Inner Awareness and Unlimited Potential - "I’ve been interviewed by Rob McConnell several times and it never gets boring -- in fact, each time it seems to become more exciting. He is professional and does his due diligence when it comes to bringing superior guests to his audience. Rob McConnell is passionate, humorous, and highly knowledgeable about a variety of fields. He is an engaging interviewer and that generates results and the audience shares his passion for the guests. Whenever I get an invitation to be on the show -- I’m always happy to oblige. Thanks Rob, for all you do!"

DR.BRUCE CORNET, PHD - "The ‘X’ ZONE, hosted by Rob McConnell, is a sentinel for free speech and uncensored knowledge. As our world becomes more crowded, and special interests become more powerful, it is important that the public have access to sensitive information about our planet and governments, which special interests do not want us to know because it affects their bottom line profits and/or control. The ‘X’ ZONE provides a medium for researchers of controversial topics to get their findings to the public. Too often mainstream convention becomes mainstream dogma, and without radio shows like the ‘X’ ZONE, there is a risk that our thinking will become prisoner to those special interests. As our populations grow, it becomes imperative that the public not slip into apathy or have a false sense of security through ignorance based on what media gatekeepers think we should know. Too much of that is happening already. For these reasons and more, I think the ‘X’ ZONE should have wider coverage through more stations."

DOUGLAS JAMES COTTRELL - - "It was a full moon Saturday. The energy of the show was high and the calls from the audience were from coast to coast. That’s radio at its best! As always your insight into the unusual make your show informative and thought provoking. I do a lot of radio and I would say that your show is among the very best. You may or may not personally agree with what a guest is presenting but you do a good job at letting them make their point while asking questions to support the reasons for their opinions or statements. I believe you have that radio savvy in that your questions are the questions the audience would like you to ask or at the very least are thinking. I always enjoy being a guest and look forward to our next show. In listening to your show let me say that I always learn something from the interesting guests you have on, Dr Frank Stranges (the Bible, UFOs and the Dead Sea Scrolls) for example. Impressive and intelligent people. I wish you much success and may you and your team enjoy all of Gods aspects, Health Wealth and Peace of Mind."

CLAUDIA DALE - Your Soul’s Content - "What an amazing experience! It was SO much fun being on Rob McConnell’s The “X” Zone Radio/TV show. Rob was totally professional, engaged, intuitive, and took the show to some interesting places, in such a way that featured my personality, which was totally unexpected, and really cool. He immediately put me at ease and we had a lot of fun talking about what I love to do! I would highly recommend that anyone take this opportunity if presented. Thanks again Rob, it was so much fun!"

DOUGLAS DELONG - Ancient Mysteries - - "I really enjoyed being on your radio show The X Zone. The questions you asked were well researched and thought provoking. You made me feel at ease and allowed a certain message to get out to the spiritual seeking public. Your show allows the field of parapsychology to be examined and explored in a positive manner. Keep up the great work."

CHRIS DIGIUSEPPI - The Light Bringer, - "Thanks from the other half of our team. The interview was great and your focus was right on target for those who find themselves lost after a loved one departs. You are obviously a compassionate person who cares about helping your audience. I must mention, also, that you made the interview easy for us. Your professionalism shines through. Chris and I are looking forward to visiting the X Zone again, hopefully with an update on the continued success of the book. Once again, thanks for the opportunity and kind words about our profession."

DR. PATRICIA DOYLE - "The operative word in the description of ‘X’ Zone is dare. You give people, like myself, a forum to present our research and experiences. Without the ‘X’ Zone, people would not hear about chemical/biological experimentation. People would not hear about the need to prepare for the unthinkable, biological terrorism. People would not hear of any of the topics that you present. Thank you, Rob, for your brave stand. You defy the status quo. Kudos!"

MARK DRYDEN - Author and Comedian, - "Just a note to tell you what a rare pleasure it was doing your show. Fact is, I’ve spoken with a number of talk show hosts who could learn some valuable Do’s and Don’ts from Rob, i.e.,  DO know who you’re talking to before you invite them on the air; DON’T constantly interrupt and try to steer the conversation to something totally unrelated; DO be so kind as to mention the website or product you’d like the listeners to know about several times; DON’T time a break so it deflates the end of a good story.  Rob is an astute interviewer, obviously knows these professional rules of courtesy and adheres to them diligently, meaning I DO want to come back anytime I’m invited and I, DON’T have any doubts that we’ll have a great time!"

DR. PHILLIP S DUKE, PHD - "I have been on the X-Show twice concerning my research on the origin of HIV. This research lead me to devise a hypothesis and write a book on this highly controversial subject which I named The AIDS-ET Connection. My book on this subject is available from and The X-Show always treated this important scientific concept seriously, and did an excellent job in helping present it. I highly recommend the X-Show. It is of very high quality. It should be syndicated. Mr. Rob McConnell is a hero of humanity. I cannot praise him enough."

CHRISTOPHER DUNN - Author ~ “The Giza Power Plant”, - "Talking to Rob McConnell is like talking to an old friend. An old friend with whom you can be open and frank without fear of a hidden agenda that contravenes the search for truth - and others’ perception of truth. Now Rob is back on the air, the electromagnetic “soup” we are immersed in has become more uplifting."

LON MILO DUQUETTE - Aleister Crowley, Ceremonial Magick, Tarot, Esoteric Freemasonry - - "Hi Rob, and thanks for a most pleasant chat last Saturday night. You are a great interviewer and really do your homework. Hope you invite me back someday soon.My best, Lon Milo DuQuette"

GEORGIA DURANTE - Performance Two: The Driving Force / The Company She Keeps by Georgia Durante - "I have interviewed with Rob several times over the past eight years. He consistently makes each experience fresh and interesting. The topic of my book is about my life. It’s the same story, but each time I’m on the show Rob seems to reach farther into my soul and pull out something new. The only possible way to do that is to know your subject matter. Rob is one of those rare host that actually reads his guests books and knows where he will take the interview weeks before the guest is interviewed. Very refreshing. Not only for me, but more importantly, the listeners. I believe this is the reason his show has been such a success. Most radio show hosts want to talk about my days with the Mafia. They certainly took up many pages of my life, but Rob reaches to the core of the “why” of it. Doing his show makes me feel like I have just spent an hour with my therapist! To me, Rob is like an old shoe. He’s a comfortable host and friend. Thanks again Rob for another great show!"

JOHN DESALVO, PH.D. - Director, Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, - "I have done many radio interviews with Rob and have enjoyed them all immensely. Rob brings out the best in a guest. It is my opinion that Rob is one of the best radio talk show hosts today. There is no doubt that he will shortly be acknowledged as one of the best by the media in both the US and Canada. Rob also is a very humble person and just a really nice guy. No one could have a better experience being interviewed by Rob. I thank him for all his help, encouragement, and friendship throughout the years. I am grateful to what he does on radio since we need more programs that cover alternative research. Rob is #1 in my books and provides a very needed service. Thank you for everything Rob."

BARRY DOWD - President & CEO, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, - "I worked with Rob in his capacity as Director of Communication and Marketing with the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. This was a new role for the SPCA and Rob performed “above and beyond” to improve the position of the SPCA in the community. Rob was also instrumental in building relationships with both local and national media, resulting in positive exposure for the SPCA. Rob develop a communications/marketing plan for the SPCA, including several new and innovative concepts. I have always found him to be professional, competent, innovative and reliable. Please feel free to contact me directly should you require any additional information."

LADY ELAINE - Psychic, - "Rob is a genuine gentleman, he is the most charismatic host I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I have also enjoyed the show as a faithful listener. Rob searches for the truth, sticks up for the little guy or the big guy... if they’re telling the truth. But look out if he feels your trying to scam his audience.........personally I like that !!!"

KEN ELLIOTT - "Rob McConnell is a treasure. There are so few shows on the radio that deal in the paranormal these days. His show is intelligent and he is a very informed interviewer. I certainly hope that he will be successfully syndicated very soon. He will have a solid following wherever he is heard."

CAROLYN EVERS - Conversations with Caesar, - "Rob McConnell knows how to ask the kind of questions to get to the heart of the facts. No one else had been able to do this in other interviews that I had given. I look forward to working with you again. I think you do your listeners a real service to keep them on the cutting edge of new information that other hosts may be too timid to explore."

VAL JON FARRIS - "Rob’s show, X Zone is one of the best I have encountered in my ten years as an author and entertainer. His ability to draw out the talent of his guests is superlative and his live interaction with callers is brilliant. It was a pleasure and an honour to be on his show."

DANIEL FAZZINA - Author and Host of Divine Intervention Radio - - "Thanks so much for having me as a guest again on The ‘X’ Zone! You are a most gracious host, and it is always a pleasure to join you. I really like listening to you, as you are an extremely polished professional - a master at his craft. Keep up the great and important work you are doing - bring the truth to the world about to[ics and subjects that are not often talked about in mainstream media. God Bless, you, sincerely, your friend, Daniel Fazzina."

DR. SALLY RHINE FEATHER - Director of Development, Rhine Research Center, - "Thanks for the opportunity to be on your radio show last evening with my articulate partner Mike Schmicker. I was really impressed by your ingenuity, humour and skill in handling the fascinating topic of the paranormal, and I’m sure it will help your audience to be more comfortable with their own psi experiences."

KAREN FORREST - Canada's Angel Lady - - " I always enjoy and look forward to guest speaking on THE 'X' ZONE. Rob asks intelligent questions and is professional in his approach as a host. I appreciate how much Rob enjoys talking about angels as much as I do. Thanks for inviting me back to The 'X' Zone as a guest speaker!"

MIKE FORCE - The Light Bringer, - "Thanks from the other half of our team. The interview was great and your focus was right on target for those who find themselves lost after a loved one departs. You are obviously a compassionate person who cares about helping your audience. I must mention, also, that you made the interview easy for us. Your professionalism shines through. Chris and I are looking forward to visiting the X Zone again, hopefully with an update on the continued success of the book. Once again, thanks for the opportunity and kind words about our profession."

DEBORAH FREUH - Internal Wilderness, - "I was a guest on the X-Zone this year and I had a very engaging conversation with Mr. McConnell about my work and how it works. I’ve enjoyed listening to many of the X-Zone shows and look forward to appearing again sometime."

SELWYN D GOODWIN - Author - On My Way Home, - "The show was interesting and stimulating, and the interview I thought was very well done by Mr McConnell. I am grateful for having been interviewed."

ADAM GORIGHTLY - "Rob has a very smooth style, which makes his guests feel comfortable and at ease. This, coupled with his wide ranging knowledge of conspiracies, the paranormal and other subjects, made it a pleasure to be on his show."

BISHOP ALLEN GREENFIELD - Main Website - "I have been actively involved in occultism, paranormal research and UFOlogy for nearly 45 years, and as one might expect, in that time I have done a goodly number of interviews on radio and television. Rob’s approach on the X Zone is like a Summer Breeze, a breath of fresh air. Interested, intelligent and broadly based, Rob never crosses that line between interest in these subjects and their potential for personal and scientific growth and credulity and uncritical belief that often mars so many programs. I have been on with Rob on a number of occasions over the years, and it is always both a pleasure and an honour. Keep up the excellent work!"

ROBERTA GRIMES - Liberating Jesus - - "I've been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television programs, but my visit with Rob was very special. He is such a warm, bright, insightful person! He was wonderfully supportive, and he asked great questions and let me really talk to his listeners. His love for his work, and his zeal for spreading the truth to people who really need to hear it, still warm my heart!"

DAVID GRUDER, PH.D., D.CEP - Integrity Revolution, LLC, Psychologist, Integrity Analyst & Integrity Development Specialist, - "Thanks again for having me on your show. I really enjoy your comments and your questions. I appreciate how you address complicated and controversial topics in an even-handed way. Thanks for being a light on the airwaves. I also want to thank you for being so good about mentioning my website before and after each break. I hope you will continue to invite me onto your show in the future. In that spirit, if there are ways I can be a more effective guest on behalf of your show, I welcome your input. I look forward to your next invitation…Best wishes meanwhile, David."

ERIC HAASE: Clinical Death Survivor, - "This was my third time being interviewed by Rob McConnell; Rob’s years of investigating thousands of paranormal subjects, experiences & experiencers shines through each ‘X’ Zone show. I’ve treasured each conversation with Rob as teachable moments, lively discussions and deep queries into all realms of the paranormal. The breadth of Rob’s questioning has enriched  the understanding of my experience and helped me be able to better communicate it."

GARY HARDIN - "As a New York Times bestselling author, I have had the opportunity of being interviewed by the best in radio. Both of my books have resulted in interviews on the number-one night-time talk radio show, Coast to Coast. So I feel I speak form solid experience when I say that Rob McConnell is one of the most affable and entertaining interviewers I’ve had the privilege to work with. I can only assume a talent like his is bound to be discovered sooner or later, leading to syndication. However picks this guy’s program up first will be lucky."

DR. BETH HARRISON - Genetically Modified Organisms, - "I appreciate your having me on your show last night (Feb 19). You were a gracious host and I enjoyed our conversation. Even though we’ve already had a discussion, I’d still like to send you a copy of my book--if you’d like to read it). If so, please let me know your address and I’ll mail it a.s.a.p. If the opportunity to discuss GE food comes up again, please let me know! Thanks much."

SANDE HART - LIMINAL ODYSSEY - - " Thank You Rob!  Arguably, we are all feeling the evolutionary impulse to move on from systems that no longer serve us and look within for new solutions to old problems. Rob's reverent listening skills and hospitality are critically necessary to amplify the voices of those of us exploring those new solutions, perspectives, and perceptions. It's time to stretch our understanding from a variety of different vantage points so that together we can normalize the paranormal for the evolutionary growth spurt we are in. It's not out there but within each of us. I am deeply grateful to have been hosted by Rob and learn from his perspectives and experience his generosity that led me, and I know others into a condition of disclosure for self-realization. This, I believe is the solution towards a world that works for everyone. Thank You Rob! I know I will be taking you up on your generosity to stay in touch! Please do the same!! With a Deep Long Bow, Sande Hart, The Liminal Odyssey, The Alchemical Power of the Spaces In-Between"

ELLEN HARTWELL - The Dire Saga, - "Having purchased your services on many occasions, I wanted to tell you that you are not only a gifted promoter, advertiser and website designer but are also a true collaborator! Your ability to understand the needs I had and turn them, quickly, into an eye-catching, fully functional format is a gift that you possess and few do. Your integrity, fair pricing and prompt responses are, bar none, among the best out there. Thank you, Sir, for the quality and excellence of your work. It is indeed a pleasure to work with you. I would recommend you to anyone!"

BOB HARVEY - Author Catalyst - The First Full-Color Novel - about a place where No People Are Allowed Without Pets, - "Hi Rob. I just wanted to make sure you received my personal thank you. Being a guest on your show was an honour and I hope I did my part to bring interesting content to your audience. Thanks again for the opportunity and I commend your animal rescue and adoption support. I also make my book, Catalyst available for fundraisers if your show has any upcoming events or favourite charities you would like supported."

RICK HAYES - “You’re Not Crazy! You Have A Ghost!”, - "On behalf of my co-author, Karen and I would like to thank you in appreciation for the opportunity to be on your show. Speaking with Rob about our book “You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost” and LifesGift, we found immediate comfort with Rob’s professional character and sincere personality. The producers of the show were very gracious and helpful before the show began, and Rob’s expertise assisted us throughout the show."

CINDY L HERB - Awaken Your Spirit, - "Rob is a super guy. He brings so much to his listeners and really makes his guests feel at home."

J.A. HITCHCOCK - Cybercrime Expert,, -"I had such a great time being interviewed by Rob. We touched on a lot of subjects and he made me feel very comfortable and easy to talk with. I hope to be back on soon - I wish all radio show hosts were like you (and you’re cute, too!)"

JIM HICKMAN - Executive Director, Skywatch International Inc., - "Rob’s show is without a doubt one of the best radio shows I’ve ever done. He is very knowledgeable on the subject matter, yet keeps things light, making for a all-around good show. It’s been a honour to work with Rob these last 10 years, and I hope we will have at least another 10 years of great shows in the future..."

MEGGY HINES - Dirty South Ghost Hunters, - "I would like to thank Rob for all that he does to bring like-minded people together. His shows are filled with information and always entertaining to listen to. I am so honoured to have been a guest on the XZONE and talk about Paranormal Investigations and our little group down here in Arizona. As always this has been a passion of mine for years and I wanted to say thank you again for all that you do Rob! I wish you and yours all the best in this world and beyond!"

DOUGLAS HODGSON - Near Death Experiences - - "Thank you for your email and for having me guest on the 'X' Zone Radio Show. In terms of the interview, I was very pleased with how it panned out. You asked some terrific and probing questions and kept me on my toes! You are a master of your craft and I very much look forward to a return visit to your show."

DR. CRAIG HOGAN: "I was a guest with Rob McConnell on the 'X' Zone. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Rob knows how to guide guests into exploring important issues and evolving the dialogue to probe the responses for additional insights."

DOROTHY HOLDER - Energy Therapist, Auras, Clairvoyant, Hypnotist, and Kiwi - - "Being interviewed by Rob is a great experience allowing me to express myself not just what I do. I felt at ease and enjoyed my time on the show. The interview was relevant to what I do and am offering professionally but went a bit further in exploring my process, my personality (uh oh) and my vision. Rob is a natural host and I found it easy to just step into a dialogue that was both meaningful and entertaining."

PHYLLIS A.M. HOLLENBECK MD - Author - “Sacred Trust”, - "I want to thank you for having me as a guest on your radio talk show. I enjoyed your style and your questions, especially the one about the most blessed type of experience in my medical career. Good luck!-Bonne Chance!-with your show and the communication you are adding to the world."

GAIL HOLSTEIN - Waking The Ancients: A Novel Of The Mogollon Rim, - "It was fun to be a guest on the X Zone. Rob gave me the opportunity to talk about one of my favourite subjects: if you want to receive messages from the past, all you have to do is listen."

DR. LEONARD HOROWITZ - "Rob McConnell is one of the bravest, most articulate, knowledgeable, and honourable talk show hosts in North America today. His steadfast willingness to engage his guests and listeners in meaningful, if not critical and life-saving, discussions has earned him my full respect. Very sincerely, Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H. Public Health Educator and Author of the national bestseller, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?”"

MICHAEL HORN, Authorized American Media Representative, The Billy Meier Contacts, - "I very much appreciate Rob’s honest, direct approach to interviewing. He freely admitted his previous scepticism and doubts about the Meier case but what struck me was his willingness to take the time to look at, and reason his way through, the actual evidence and come to an informed conclusion. I, of course, concur with his own evaluation that the Meier contacts are not only authentic but of monumental importance to the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have participated with him and certainly look forward to doing so again."

ANDREA HORWATH - Member of Provincial Parliament, East Hamilton, Ontario, - "It was a pleasure meeting you and your delegation at your Queen’s Park press conference recently. I congratulate all of you on the success of the 2005 Golden Horseshoe Marathon. Enclosed is a certificate marking this important occasion. I’m really glad my leader, Howard Hampton, had an opportunity to shake everyone’s hand in front of the Legislative Building at the end of this incredible marathon. I know he was impressed with your campaign to raise funds for spinal cord regeneration research. Please keep up the great work. We really need you out there promoting this all-important drive for funds and awareness."

DENNIS HUMPHREY, CEO and Executive Producer, Synergy New Media Group & Radio Memories Network LLC, - "Rob, is a highly trained radio and tv show with years of experience. His X Zone Radio/TV Show is highly professionally done and provides listeners/viewers with up to date information. He is generous and is a great friend. I enthusiastically recommend Rob to all."

ROBERT H HUNNICUTT, Founder & Director, Georgia Ghost Society, - "To once again have the opportunity to be Rob’s guest was as exciting and meaningful as the very first time years ago.  Of all the syndicated programs I’ve been privileged to be a part of, The ‘X’ Zone sets a new and higher standard that other programs don’t come close to.  His professionalism, dedication and relaxed manner makes for a friendly interview where you feel comfortable discussing your work and beliefs, the same as having an conversation with a trusted friend.  To anyone who is looking for an insightful and interesting radio program dealing with the paranormal, go no further than Rob McConnell and The ‘X’ Zone!"

JOHN HUTCHINSON - Inventor, Discoverer and Explorer, The Hutchinson Effect, - "Rob McConnell was very very attentive and I really enjoyed being on the show and I wish to thank Rob for having me on the show."

RICHARD P JACKSON - Paranormal Investigator/Exorcist, - "Rob, you do a great job bringing many people to media and public scruples. While most of my appearances have been about the dangers, (and the positives) of the spirit world, such agencies have me on as a multiple gifted expert that in teaching and hands on has worked with professionals, Smithsonian’s, medical and clergy on a variety of matters. I’ve enjoyed the calls and friends I’ve made from my appearances, and your good sense about the dangers of treating the unseen with so much complacency and hype. I know we have prevented some folks from going a bit farther than they were prepared to deal with, and we have done justice to this “playing” with spirits, as both dangerous and seductive. You are a class act! When I read I was in the top 42 downloads, it made me very proud to be part of the ‘X’ Zone Nation.... Looks like next year begins a flow of books and workshops throughout North America. I bet we have some good work in the future....bringing some “light” to those who may need to hear it."

MARTHA JETTE - Author, Glimpses: True Stories of the Paranormal - "I was so thrilled to be on The X Zone to talk about my book: “Glimpses” True Stories of the Paranormal. Rob McConnell is a warm and welcoming host, who makes the entire experience a real pleasure. He also promoted my book with great enthusiasm and I am really looking forward to my next visit to The X Zone."

JANUARY JONES - Author “Jackie, Ari & Jack: A Tragic Love Triangle” - "I want to thank you so much for the wonderful interview and visit with Rob. I so enjoyed doing the show with you and look forward to returning in the near future. The questions were right on target and we covered a lot of ground on my book. Also I can’t begin to thanks you for all the plugs for your listeners to order Jackie Ari &Jack at which I am happy to report they are doing and then some."

MARIE D JONES - Author/Producer/Screenwriter, - "Rob is the consummate professional. As a radio host and executive producer, he has consistently put together one of the best shows on the air today, providing authors such as myself with a vehicle for promoting our work and engaging in thoughtful conversation and exchange of ideas. X-Zone has become so well-respected for Rob’s own expansive knowledge of the subjects he covers, and his ability to bring out the best in his guests. His show is one of the few I look forward to being on when I have a new book out, as I know that Rob is going to provide both his listeners and myself with a great on-air experience."

FRANK JOSEPH - Editor-in-Chief Ancient American Magazine and Author of Survivors of Atlantis - "The “X-Zone” is a unique radio phenomenon, because its host has the rare good taste to objectively consider possibilities dismissed as “politically incorrect” by others afraid to look outside the box of their preconceptions. At the same time, however, Mr. McConnell has not abrogated his common sense or bought into illogical assumptions. It is this balance between open-mindedness and intellectual responsibility that makes “The X-Zone” invariably valuable to listeners interested in the truth about life’s wider dimensions."

JOHN B . KACHUBA - Author, Ghost Hunting Ohio, - "It was a pleasure being on Rob’s show. His depth of knowledge and intriguing questions really helped to set the tone for the discussion of my book, Ghosthunting Ohio. I would be happy to come back next year with my next book, Ghosthunting Illinois."

BRYAN KAPLAN - Paranormal Activity Investigators, - "I really enjoyed being on The X Zone with Rob McConnell, and I agree with what many others have said in that it was one of the most positive experiences I have had on the radio. What I think makes the whole experience not only fun but exciting is that Mr McConnell really cares about the subject matter and it shows in how he interviews his guests. Thanks again!"

VYKTORIA PRATT KEATING - Composer, Musician, Singer, - "I was delighted to speak with such a gracious and informed host as Rob McConnell. I enjoyed the flow and spontaneity of the felt like talking to an old friend! The song clips he showcased at the beginning of each segment were perfectly chosen and timed and his enthusiasm for my paranormal music was genuine and heartfelt. Thanks Rob for introducing me to your audience and for hosting a refreshing take on this mysterious world we live in."

KEVIN KENNEDY - Unarius Academy of Science, - "Thanks Ron for having me as a guest! It was great and I hope to come back again, you are helping to change the world for the better."

WILLIAM H KENNEDY - Author of Lucifer’s Lodge, - "Being interviewed on the X Zone was a very lively and worthwhile experience. Rob McConnell is a true professional in the art of talk radio and it was a pleasure to be interviewed by him and I commend the entire X Zone staff for their high standards in broadcasting."

KEVIN KILLEN - The Ghost Magnet - - "I  had a great time on your show. Great questions and great conversation. I really enjoyed my time. I'm hoping your audience responds to my requests for near death experience stories. Again, thank you for having me on, and great show!"

MARK KIMMEL - Decimal, The Sequel To Trillion,, - "This was my first interview with Rob McConnell -- it was one of the most positive radio experiences I’ve had. Rob knows how to have a discussion as opposed to a clash of viewpoints. He made me feel that he was actually interested in my topic! It was great fun and a privilege to be able to talk about my book – Decimal — and about this critical juncture in human history. After the radio show, I found emails from listeners who wrote to say they had listened to the interview. Thanks again for a great interview."

AMELIA KINKADE- Animal Communication Expert - - "I'm still reeling with the fact that you are an ex-cop who worked for the SPCA and we are SO MUCH on the same page!  Thank you again for reaching out to me and championing my work! And I don't know how far "out there" you go with the UFO Intervention/5D Ascension stuff, but I just want to affirm something for you.  About your hopes that animal abusers rot in hell...I'm right there with you.  I'm not one of the new agers who is all about "love and light."  I'm an ancient soul who hasn't come down here for any fluffy forgiveness horseshit. I'm here about JUSTICE, not "forgiveness," and I know for a fact that you are, too.  I want to see this planet evolve into a peaceful place where the humans actually DESERVE to live alongside such beauty and perfection--God's Masterpieces, the animals. But I work with the Lords of Karma, and I believe in JUSTICE. We have to do what we can to educate the next generation of kids--my readers, your listeners--in a way that will accomplish our end goal, and that is certainly teaching love and respect for all of the Creator's Creations... including us. But I also am well-versed in 20,000 years of Karma on this planet, and I too want to see the atrocities the humans are inflicting on other animals done to them in exact measure.  There is no place for torture in Nature's world. I honor you and what you've been through. Bless you, Rob. You are the real "expert" here, and YOU are a huge star in your own right. In God's eyes, you are a hero.  Thank you for being one of mine. Bless you, Amelia

JIM KOEPKE: "My interview with Rob was a great experience.  He puts on a first-class show.  Rob's experience as a host really made for a positive time.  He asked insightful questions and made me feel comfortable and welcome."

LAUREN KORNGOLD: "As always, Rob was the ultimate professional during our interview. Spot on with all the right questions his audience would be interested in. I have always had a wonderful experience as others have on the show. No wonder the 'X' Zone is crushing it with viewership and awards !  Kudos to Rob and everyone at the 'X' Zone!"

STANLEY LAFLEUR - Publisher, Prism Publishing, - "Rob McConnell began submitting his ‘X’ Zone articles to the Voice newspaper in the early Fall of 2010. The Voice is a progressive magazine-style information newspaper based in North-eastern Ontario. As a long-time fan of Rob McConnell’s ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, which I first discovered in the mid-90s, I was interested in having Rob submit a column to my newspaper. Our bi-weekly newspaper was lacking any information on paranormal and UFO-based activity and I contacted Rob to see if he would be interested in filling this void. Rob was quick to jump on-board and he began to submit his articles to the newspaper. He has been a regular contributor and he has gained a loyal following in a very short time. Rob’s column is now one of the most read regular features in The Voice. We receive many comments from readers who always ask for Rob’s opinion on ‘X’ Zone related stories. We were flooded with calls early in 2011 with readers asking for Rob’s opinion after the alleged UFO sighting over Jerusalem. Rob was quick to comply and sent along a timely story. I would certainly encourage any other newspaper to contact Rob in order to publish his column. Rob has helped us gain a new and loyal readership that we could not have reached without his help. We hope to have Rob with us for a long time and along the way we hope to assist him in reaching more readers and listeners from our area for his ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper and The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Shows."

JAN LAMPRECHT - "I have been on several American radio shows, among them: Art Bell, Jeff Rense and the Laura Lee show. My first interview on Canadian radio was with the X-Zone. I found Rob McConnell to be a first class host who easily ranks with the best on international radio. I had been worried about the reception I would get from Canadians, however, I was most pleasantly surprised. Rob’s style set me at ease and the hour went by far too quickly for me! I found him to be pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. The X-Zone is important in that it allows people to broach subjects which are normally frowned upon. This show should be encouraged because it allows the spread of true Free Thought."

CATHARINE LANIGAN - The Christmas Star, - "A heartfelt THANK YOU for such a wonderful show last night! It is always a pleasure to speak with you ...being on the same “angel plane”, which I like to believe you and I are...if that is not being too presumptuous, but I think you know what I mean. Truly, I wish you, your staff and your whole family a very blessed Christmas and holiday season."

LISETTE LARKINS - "I’m always delighted to be interviewed by Rob McConnell. I can count on his heartfelt questions that lead to thoughtful discussion. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate!"

SIENNA LEA - The Shadow Synthesis - - "Rob was an excellent well seasoned interviewer. He got to the heart of the matter and brought out content with flow and ease. I appreciate the invitation and look forward to more time to dive deeper in the future. Much love and appreciation."

LEE LAWSON - "It was such a pleasure to be with you on the X-Zone on Sunday night. Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about afterlife communication. Your thoughtful questions and comments, along with your warmth and caring, made me feel welcome and comfortable on the air."

LEANNE BAREFOOT PSYCHIC - "Thank you so much for having me as a guest on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell - it was such an honour to be able to participate and contribute to the program. The experience with Rob was fantastic, easy and met my expectations! I am incredibly grateful to have appeared on the show and would be happy to appear again in the future."

JERRY LEHANE III - Ghostwriter, Star Trek, Life on Mars/Images, JPL / NASA, Rovers / Orbiters, Classic Rock Yahoo groups Eceti-chat, Space People, Prepare4contact - "What’s great about Rob McConnell is his guests. This is a newly discovered resource for me. My eyes are open wide at the guests I’ve already missed, and fortunately he has repeaters so I can catch up over time. My purpose in life now is getting the word out about Life on Mars. I’m very thankful to have a guy like Rob who has the same love of Star Trek, and the patience for “in depth” interviews rather than sound bites, yet doesn’t dominate the info flow. I was nervous, yet he put me at ease quickly so Ii could get out the message I wanted to relay to the public. I’d LOVE to be on again any time. Thanks Rob."

ELLENA LYNN LIEBERMAN - Akashic Record Teacher, - "Thank you, Rob. It has been wonderful being on your show. The guests just get better and better. May your success grow and grow!"

JASON ‘GREYWOLF’ LEIGH - - "Being an advent fan of Rob McConnell’s ‘The X-Zone’ for almost a full decade now, I have also been blessed in being a returning guest on his show for many years. Rob has an uncanny ability and professionalism second to none in not only presenting some amazing facts and profound fodder for his listeners to ponder and to per chance; find some truth in, but he also exudes this same professionalism towards his guests on his shows. This is no simple task: having worked in TV-News and Production for many years, I know that it takes this unique ability to continue on the ‘air waves’ for as long as Rob has by captivating his audience with not only his wonderful guest line up, but also, and most importantly; his personal dedication in this field of research that IS a reality, which the masses have yet to grasp, but with the help of Rob: they will all joy us soon enough. I have been interviewed on radio and TV by many ‘big name’ professionals, but none can touch the shadow of Rob McConnell: a true professional--a profound intellect--and a charismatic human being. Long live The X-Zone with Rob at the helm! “All aboard!” See you in the higher planes of The X-Zone."

DON LUBOV - - "Rob McConnell is the absolute best when it comes to paranormal investigation publicity and interviews. Thanks and keep up the good work. Be well."

IAN XEL LUNGOLD - "My time on the X-zone radio show was quite a pleasure. Rob had all the right questions to open the subject of the Mayan calendar for the public and everything went very smoothly. I was given every opportunity to unfold the newest discoveries within the Mayan calendar concerning the 16.4 billion year schedule of the Evolution of Consciousness. I thank you for that opportunity sirs. Having media persons with the openness to inquire into new horizons of consciousness is of great importance especially at these times in our history as a race. Keep up the great work at your profession. In service to the God Us."

BUNKIE LYNN - Author of The Big Girls’ Guide to Life, a Plus-Sized Jaunt through a Body-Obsessed World, - "Rob is such a warm, friendly, welcoming personality, I felt as though we were hanging out at the local doughnut shop, eating a raspberry jelly, and even though I had powdered sugar all OVER my face, Rob didn’t care!  Rob’s wit and spontaneity really added a great deal to my segment, since my area of expertise is women’s humour vs. a more traditional “‘X’ Zone “ topic. I had a great time and would welcome another opportunity to talk about why chocolate feeds the soul, why aliens have trouble buying sunglasses, and why Rob McConnell gets my vote as a consummate radio professional! Thanks! Now let’s go get some chocolate...."

THOMAS F. LYONS - Desert Spirit Magazine, - "It was fun, as usual. Sorry for stumbling a bit early on, but hearing virtually nothing but my own voice for so long I wasn’t sure if there was anybody there on the other end. Keep up the great work on your wonderful show. Blessings to you and Laura and your entire X-Zone Radio crew."

DR CHANNON LYTTON - - "I want to thank you for taking the time to hear my saga related to “Trouble in Tortola” on February 28th at 11 PM my time. Your generosity and kindness meant a lot to me and I will always remember you fondly as a man of compassion. Hopefully, you and your good lady will find the book an interesting read and will renew an even deeper appreciation for each other. I wanted to send you a tangible thank you note but could not locate an address for you. I will do so if you are comfortable providing it. Otherwise, please accept this as my note of gratitude. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you and my best to your family. Respectfully, Channon R. Lytton"

BILL & LORI McDONALD - AlienUFOArt - "Thank you very much for having us as guests on THE 'X' ZONE. We enjoyed the interview with the multi-talented Rob McConnell and the fact that every question was well thought out and thank you so much for mentioning our website and books. Rob made us feel welcome and comfortable with his amazing interview style. Our interview was a 10 out of 10, wonderful experience.  Thank you again, Bill and Lori"

DR NANCE MACLEOD - The Wellness Diva, - "I have been working with Mr. Rob McConnell who is host and Executive Producer, of the ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show and owner of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company for just over a year. Rob has designed my web site, helped me with marketing, and has taught me a lot about media. He has done an excellent job designing and maintaining my web site. I have found him very easy to work with and he has always responded to my needs and requests. Rob’s broadcasting, marketing and television production expertise has proven to be very valuable to my business. I am always learning something new from Rob. I consider him one of my mentors. It does not matter which one of Rob’s services you are planning to use Rob’s knowledge, experience, expertise and genuine care and respect for his clients will not disappoint you."

MARK H. MACY - ITC Researcher, (Instrumental Transcommunication), - "I enjoyed the hour with Rob. He was discerning but not closed-minded regarding the spirit contacts via telephone and radio which I shared on the program and which are admittedly rather mind-boggling. We covered a lot of ground in an hour and got into some depth about my research. Thanks Rob."

KRISTIN MADDEN - Author, Teacher, Healer,  - "It was a great honour to join Rob on the X-Zone this evening. He was not only great fun but a well-informed and interesting host. His obvious interest in the mysteries of life, combined with his clarity of thought and willingness to ask the deeper questions most definitely sets him apart. I have been a guest on several radio and television shows over the last several years and I can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable. I look forward to listening to more of his explorations in the future and hopefully joining him again someday on the X-Zone."

NANCY EARTH SISTER MALACARIA - "Thank you for having me on your show last night. Most of all you gave me time and opportunity to get my message out and I also enjoyed it very much. If you would like to have me back on again at any time, just ask. You are a fine radio host and I wish you and your career the best."

FARLEY MALORRUS - Astrologer, - "Rob is the BEST! Thank you for allowing me to be on air twice a month! YOU have the best Radio Show in the World, bar none. You are a great guy! See you on December 19, for our next segment!"

JESSICA McKAY - Spiritual Intuitive - - "I’m so grateful to Rob for having me on the show. I had a lovely time connecting with him, and he made me feel at ease right away. I enjoyed connecting with your audience, too, and the hour flew by so fast! It was really my honor to be there."

SAM MAK - The Women of Islam - "It was a true honor to be on the X Zone Radio show with Rob McConnell.  I loved Rob’s story with is Muslim neighbors and his passion to make the world understand all different religions including Islam.  Muslims, Christian, and Jews are sister religions and all share the love of God.  All cultures and peoples have same values of good jobs, a better life for their kids, education, and security.  Rob has a fresh and honest look on the media and is using the media’s power of persuasion for benefiting people. I enjoyed being a guest with Rob."

COL. DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR (RETIRED) - The Roswell Legacy, - "Hi Rob: Thank you for your kind words concerning the US Military including the Coalition forces which did include some elements of the Canadian Military which I believe were located at the embassy in Baghdad as well as some of the forward operating bases that I frequently flew into. As you know there are sources in the US Government which is decidedly anti-military and unfortunately this begins at the top. Again I enjoyed the interview with your excellent questions. Thanks, Jess."

MICHAEL P. MAU, PHD. - The Sanctus Germanus Foundation, - "I want to thank you for inviting me on your show and giving me the opportunity to express some of the ideas of the Great Brotherhood of Light to such a wide and knowledgeable public. Many of the earth changes are already in process, and efforts such as your program to spread more understanding of what is occurring can only help make the transition easier for everyone."

BRAD MAVIN - Co-Founder, - "When I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Rob I was thrilled. Rob is one of those people in the paranormal community that you cannot help but have the utmost respect for. He is objective, sincere, and he is one of the true professionals in the field. Do yourself a favour...bookmark this page today."

HENRY MAY - Bigfoot Research, American Bigfoot Society, - "Hi, Rob. I just want to express my thanks to you for the show last night. You are ever the gentleman host, and a wonderful one at that. I had a blast as always, a lot of fun. I also want to thank you for making an attempt to get to the bottom of the “Bugs” mystery. If anyone can get to the bottom of this, I think it will be you. Please do me one favor, though-keep me posted on that situation and tell me of any developments in the case. Seems like you might have something here, and it will be interesting to see where it goes, real or hoax. Again, thank you, and we will talk to you next time. Take care, my friend."

PAUL MCELROY - "In our frenzied world of misleading sound bites, Rob McConnell is a welcome oasis of calm. As a frequent guest on other radio shows, I appreciated his thoughtful questions and sincere interest in thoroughly discussing the subject of air traffic control. Even as we talked about an aspect of society that’s often misunderstood, he avoided hyperbole and feigned concern. No doubt Rob’s guests have come to rely on his honest, illuminating broadcasts, which is why they tune in every week in such great numbers."

MARY GRACE MCMANUS  - "What a charge it was to be a part of the distinguished ‘X’ Zone program. Rob’s flair for welcoming and enticing both guest and audience eased us right on in to the core of our subject. I appreciate the equal credence he gives to both novice and expert and the magnitude he places on the necessary task of disbursing clear information. Although the internet serves well, I do wish I had the convenience of keeping up with him on our local radio stations !!"

BRYAN J. MERCER - Marketing & Partnership Development Fort Henry National Historic Site - "Thanks so much for the great comments you sent through our system. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working with you. I’m so glad you liked the venue - it certainly does take on a different style at night! And yes, I’m sure a ghost had something to do with the phone line fiasco. Glen has done a fine job in creating a very interesting and successful product here at Fort Henry. The show sounded great - hope you had some callers! Thanks for the amazing amount of plugs you afforded us! Best wishes for the rest of your summer schedule - we’d love to have you back anytime!"

HOWARD MIDDLETON-JONES - Ancient Mysteries and the connections of the Giza Plateau Pyramid Necropolis Egypt, - "It was a great pleasure to be back on the X-zone with Rob and have the opportunity to share our ideas and latest research with you all, especially in these “interesting” times. Rob is an excellent show host, and it is always a pleasure to chat with someone like Rob who places much energy into the preparation and research of each guest. This makes for a challenging and interactive show and, combined with Rob’s relaxing and professional manner, offers all the ingredients for a successful and fully interactive show. Thanks Rob - until we meet again."

JOHN MILOR - "First I'd like to say, Rob and his ‘X’ Zone crew are top notch! The setup you are using is glitch free for all of my interviews, so that's good to go.  Second - Rob is an excellent interviewer! He's animated and engaged, has stimulating questions, keeps the momentum of the interviews going, and when we have callers, he makes sure to keep things civil. I've been on interviews of other shows, where they had some callers who were trolling, chiming in just to spew insults. There was no filtering/screening in some of those situations, but that basically doesn't happen on the ‘X’ Zone show, and it's greatly appreciated! I deeply appreciate every opportunity I am given to be a guest on the ‘X’ Zone show. And I want Rob to know, that he's still an honorary member of my church, Third Day Fellowship of Fresno. My little church is a bit of an anomaly because my pastor strives for the concept of what he calls a "wiki church." If you walk in, you might not know who the pastor is, because we're all giving input, with no central figure behind a podium up front, who is readily discernable. When we meet - he doesn't follow a timeline syllabus, complete with sermon point message, etc. We cover blocks of Scripture, then talk about what we learned during the week, as a group - so it's more like a Bible study home church, with no pews, podium, etc. It's for this reason that unusual content, like my books, comes up in our discussions. My paster, who is also a professor at Fresno Pacific University, has proofread and critiqued all my unusual Christian books, such as Christian Ufology, and he frequently refers people to me as a resident expert of UFOs/UAPs and my Christian version of ancient astronaut theory. Anyway, thank you again for the interview opportunity coming up."

ELLEN MOGENSEN - - "Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be on your show... Rob made it easy and I promise next time to be more prepared. I really enjoyed it (which I had not expected) and I would be happy to be a guest in the future... even it was only as a fill-in like today. Best wishes in all your endeavours! In love and light, Ellen."

MIKE MOLNAR, PH.D. - Astronomer and Author - The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi - "This was my second interview with Rob McConnell and it was like the first: informative, professional, engaging, compelling, and fun! Rob’s in-depth knowledge and scholarship truly helps to bring the best out of an interview. I look forward to doing more interviews with Rob. Stay Tuned!"

CATE MONTANA - Cracking The Matrix - - "It was such a pleasure speaking with Rob about Cracking the Matrix! He was so open-minded and present. It was a great conversation—like sitting down with a friend in the living room and exploring ideas! Thanks for having me on the show!"

WAYNE MORIN JR - Napa State Hospital 1972-2003 - - "My first admission at Napa State Hospital was when I was 12 years old, in 1972. I have had 115 admissions at NSH since that time, but all were civil commitments. Since 1972 my mother, brother, and sister have all sat around and used marijuana and done this with psyche-tech my mother’s Lagunitas home on weekend pass. I even went to my psyche-tech’s home in Fairfield, were I used marijuana and Dexedrine, while on a weekend pass at the age of 13-16. There was a time at NSH when a psyche-tech fell in love with me and we had sex, and I was given Ritalin in injection form ;(whenever). I was 17, and was going to marry. I cannot even start to tell the whole stories of sick, Psychiatrist, sexual demons, asking for women clients to preform sexual acts in front of them. Psyche-techs whom would exchange drugs pills alcohol marijuana for sex. Rapes that go on at NSH men and females. The bathrooms are havens for sexual deviant behaviour. The Clients Rights Groups get paid by NSH so no real reports are filed. Psychiatric and psyche-techs seem to be immune from any kind of outside investigation. Its a fact psyche-techs use Gestapo-type tactics and invent symptoms without evidence in order to delay discharge of patients. Open Units are overcrowded. All staff and Doctors after a few years all get dirty. The code of silence is a way of life at Napa State Hospital. Its the biggest cult in the world The Cult of Mental Health. Everyone supports courts, churches, police. Its time for change. Not some group like Scientologists or CCHR to do half the job, we need change in the way State Mental Health is run. I am Thankful for the X Zone radio Rob McConnell and the great staff for giving me and the families time to expose the real truths and horrors of Napa State Hospital."

STEVEN MYERS - The Pharaohs Pump Foundation, - "What a thrill it was to be a guest on the X Zone Show! I know that your show has proved alternative subject matter concerning the Great Pyramid to thousands of listeners. What a tremendous resource you are for your audience by having unusual authors and researchers present their information. Thank you for having me on your show to talk about my book titled Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid!"

MIKE MULKFORD - "Recently I got to get a glimpse of the real Rob McConnell. While he comes across as a hard hitting, take no prisoner investigative reporter there is a far different side to him. Under the persona is a very kind, caring and thoughtful man."

GARY TANNUS NASSIF - Sing, Romance Man, Sing - - "Thank you Rob McConnell of The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show! You have put me on the Map of the World with your kindness, generosity and recording artistry. I applaud you Always. All the best to Rob  and all."

DR BRADLEY NELSON - Author: The Emotion Code - "Thanks so much for having me on. I am going to send you a signed copy of “The Emotion Code” today, which someday may be worth a lot of money.... : ) You have a great show. Thanks again for having me on, and if you ever want to talk more, I have lots more amazing and mind-blowing stuff to talk about. Like what happens when the spirit and the physical get disconnected, and how that is the actual cause of morning sickness, (no kidding); how we can end up with trapped emotions from BEFORE we are conceived...!? Strange but true. Anyway, let me know. Keep up the great work!"

TARA NIGHT - INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED MEDIUM / PSYCHIC & HEALER, - "After being interviewed on numerous radio programs, I can honestly say that Robert is one of the very best interviewers I have experienced. What a difference a knowledgeable, insightful interviewer with a great personality makes ! It was an absolute joy being on your show."

JOHN NOVELLO - Author & Musician, - "Although this was my first time talking with Rob, I felt like we have known each other forever. His sincere interest in the paranormal and in my story and message is rare these days in this subject area. Due to the nature of the subject, it’s very easy by the way to be insincere and so I not only appreciated it but I’m sure the listeners do as well as it spwans much better interviews. You’re doing a great “paranormal” service! Thank you Rob!"

DAVID OATES - - "Thanks for the great interview Rob. I have done your show many times and you are always courteous, respectful and ask very appropriate questions. You have the unique talent of making your guests feel welcomed and relaxed. Reverse Speech is a controversial subject and you handle it with the utmost of tact and care. I always consider it a pleasure and honour to do the show. Looking forward to many more."

BRIAN O’DEA - Executive Producer, Creepy Canada Television Show, - "For the past two years I have produced Canada’s most successful Prime-Time Network travel show, and I can honestly say it would have been possible without the incredible assistance of Rob McConnell. Rob’s role in our production varied depending on our needs; his ability to multi-task, and to be flexible within the broad parameters of our chaotic production schedule went tremendously far in helping us come in on time(crucial in the TV world) and under budget (a delight in any world). Rob was able to develop and deliver segment ideas, fully fleshed out, ideas which we went on to produce’ Rob helped write, doing so in the midst of narration production (oh yes, he narrated for us, too), and was on air host as well. Rob McConnell introduced our production team to people and opportunities which enhanced bit the quality and public awareness of our show. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rob McConnell, and should you wish to speak with me, please do not hesitate to call me at your earliest convenience."

BRAD OLSEN - Publisher, CCC Publishing, - "Rob McConnell is one of the most authentic, honest, and intelligent people I’ve ever had the honour to work with. As a show host he is genuinely inquisitive and sincere. I look forward to the next time we speak!"

MARY JEAN ORLANDO - Author of Pigs, Nerds and Macho Men - "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be guests on your show. We enjoyed talking with you because you made us feel very much at ease. It was as if we were talking with an old friend. Your questions and comments were certainly right on top of the current dating scene. We hope you had as much fun as we did!"

RIC OSUNA - Amityville Murders - "I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself on your show. You are a kind and gracious host, who makes your guests feel quite welcomed. Thanks for being professional, as I look forward to being invited back for additional shows in the future."

DR. EVELYN PAGLINI - "I want to thank you for being on the X-show. Rob McConnell made me feel very comfortable and at-ease and his questions were both thought-provoking and enlightening. Topics involving magic are not an easy subject to discuss on the radio. He and the X-Zone are a beacon of light in the darkness. They give their audience an opportunity to be exposed to other psychic phenomena and they present their subject matter in both an informative and entertaining fashion. I’m looking forward to a more in-depth show the next time around."

JOSEPH L. PALERMO - Unusual Phenomena investigator/researcher, Executive Producer Dream Masters Studios, LLC. - "It was a delight to be a guest on THE X-ZONE RADIO program. Host Rob McConnell is completely enjoyable, and his knowledge base of “unusual phenomena” allows him a real dialog with his guests and listeners. THE X-ZONE RADIO programs delivers a smorgasbord of the real life, expert based “unusual phenomena” information. Not only does every radio market needs such a program, those markets would do well to have THIS program!”

GARY PARKER: "Rob was great. I had a fun and easy experience being interviewed by Rob. He is very professional, nice, and well informed. The interview couldn't have went any better. Thank Rob and his producer for my interview."

CHLOE JON PAUL - Owner CJP Enterprises, - "Having been a guest of Rob’s show, I can honestly say that he is a fine host/producer. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by him. His personality is invigorating!"

GLORIA PREMA: "I have always enjoyed being a guest on your show and Rob takes time to carefully plan his questions so that it's easy for the conversation to flow.  Although there are timeslots and breaks to factor in, I've never felt cut-off or rushed during any interview.  I also really enjoy the subjects that the show covers as it's 'thinking outside the box' and mind-expanding. Keep up the good work and very Merry Christmas to all."

LEE PROSSER - "Thanks, Rob, enjoyed being on your talk show with Jeff. Appreciated the opportunity to be allowed to say something encouraging to the victims of the Katrina Hurricane. I visited with Jeff today over the telephone and he said the eBay auction was off to a good start, for which I am very happy for all concerned! I look forward to visiting with you again at some future time. Keep well, and again, thanks for your courtesy and having me on your talk show. Best to you, Lee."

DR BOYD PURCELL - Author, Spiritual Terrorism, - "Thank you for this follow-up email, for your compliments, and for having me on your show. It was my honour and pleasure to be your guest. Your impressed me as being very intelligent, well-educated, and insightful especially in regard to theological issues and Biblical understanding. You asked several tough theological/philosophical questions of your own formulation. You are very articulate and your voice is crystal clear. You are a naturally gifted speaker or you have had great voice training or both. I did listen to your program last night and was pretty much satisfied with the content of what I said, but my vocal quality is not close to yours. Yours in a tolerant and peaceful world."

LLOYD PYE - Author, Crypto zoologist, Researcher, Leader of the Star Child Project, - "It’s always a delight to be interviewed by one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Alternative Knowledge at work in the field today. As usual, I was impressed by how relevant the music is when it comes up after each break. Inevitably there is a connection of some kind--subtle or overt--to what was discussed in the previous exchange. I don’t know how you do that, but I get a kick out of it every time I hear you practice your peculiar brand of magic. Keep up the good work--and sounds!"

REV PEGGY RAY - Spiritual Teacher & Healer, - "My time with Rob flew by in the blink of an eye! His natural warmth and graciousness, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the paranormal, make him a very easy person to talk with. I enjoyed my time with him immensely!"

ROBERT PETRUNGARO - Astrologer - - "I truly enjoyed the experience of being interviewed by Rob. I must admit, as the interview progressed, Rob made me feel very comfortable in how he handled situations to make them easier to deal with. As well, his ability to add humour, to what can be very serious situations, adds a dimension of comfort. Having such a vast international audience with varied questions as this one did, made the show intriguing and fresh, there was never a dull moment. I also enjoyed the opportunity to touch such a vast audience in a humanitarian way. The interest the audience had with my readings kept me very busy for the 2 hour show. I would gladly do this again and support Rob in his show."

ANDREW RADZIEWICZ - The Psychic Firefighter - - "Thank you so much. I had such a present experience will being Interviewed. Everything was seamless and very professional. I have done dozens  of podcasts/ interviews and this by far was one of my all time favourites. I look forward to coming back on and sharing this present interview with all my followers! Kind Regards, Andrew"

LOU RICCIUTI - - "I wanted to write today to thank you for having me on your “X” Zone Talk Radio Show last evening, April 12, 2005. I can’t tell you how important it was for me to be allowed to get some of this information out and into the public domain. Your show covers subject matter that would most likely never see the light of day within the mainstream media. The reason that I know this, is that I’ve tried now for more than five years to have the subject of the Manhattan Project activities in Western New York exposed. You my friend, were the only one courageous enough to broadcast this show and the related nuclear-nightmarish info about my back yard, Niagara Falls, New York--The free world’s largest manufacturing center for Uranium metal masses. This environmental legacy of the Manhattan Engineering District-Manhattan A-bomb Project has been hidden from view by military-industrial interests for more than 60 years. You have helped to shed light upon a very dark period in human history, the lies and deceit often associated with warfare in general, and in specific, the misery involved with the handling, use, storage, transhipment and disposal of these associated radioactive materials. As I look through your past guest list, I see more doctors and Ph.D.’s than one would normally find on staff at a major hospital or even university. I certainly hope you realize the service that you do on a global scale! I feel honoured to have been included in this prominent list! Humbled may be a more appropriate term. While some might feel that your show is a bit “edgy,” I for one, don’t believe that any other broadcaster covers these and the other subjects that are of the significance that you care to challenge your listener’s thoughts and actions with. Without these matters being covered, the world’s “mainstream” media become just another outlet for press releases and general “drivel.” I hope that you consider your show a Cut-Above the rest, Top Shelf, First Cabin. How wonderful it is, what you do. I envy and bow to one who can take time to do these things with vim, vigor and gusto. Good luck Rob, and God bless. May Peace Prevail."

TRISTAN RIMBAUD - Psychic Medium,,  - "In the first decade of my career as a psychic medium, I have been blessed to appear on literally hundreds of radio and television programs both local and national. My appearance tonight on The X Zone Radio Show was both enjoyable and respectful. Rob asked quite professional and legitimate questions, and the intro music after each commercial break ended up being perfect each time. I mentioned Dion Warwick during the first segment, and Rob chimed back after the next break with a Dion song. Perfect timing is always great in radio. God Bless and thank you for having me on the show! It was refreshing and polite, and I thank you for that.”

PAUL DALE ROBERTS - HPI's Esoteric Detective - - "Rob McConnell is a superb host and is incredibly knowledgeable about all things paranormal. I always love being on his show, very relaxing and enjoy our conversations in regard to my latest investigations and past investigations. For anyone out there learning how to become a paranormal investigator, I highly suggest that you tune in on Rob's shows, you will learn a lot from Rob and his many iconic guests! "

BARBARA ROBINS - - "Thank you for inviting me to participate on your show. You’re a great host and I had a blast. I particularly like that listeners could IM and email you on the spot for quick interaction. Much better than having phone-ins alone. And as you know, it was very successful. How wonderful to know that in just a few minutes over 85 people received relief from their pain."

JENNIFER ROBINS - Experiencer and Author, - "Thanks for having me on last night. The folks on the late night forums I mentioned listened in and loved it. Even though they were thrilled with me being on, they fell in love with you. One of them even said you should take over for Norry on C2C Looks like you picked up some new fans. I read their posts on the forum after the show and it was so complimentary. They enjoyed the interview and would like me to be on again and they really liked you a lot. It was a wonderful time for me. Thank you again and Happy Father’s Day!"

ROBINSON, JULIE - Angel Intuitive - "Thanks so much for having me as a guest on The "X" Zone! Ron is a most gracious host, and it was it is a pleasure interacting with him during our interview.  What I love about chatting with him, is his polished professionalism--he's intelligent and easy to talk with. I believe the show offers a variety of topics in design to help people by the truth you attempt to help them to see through your authentic space-holding.  Angel love, light and flight."

DR.FRANKLIN RUEHL, PH.D. -  Producer: “Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion” - "It was indeed a high honour to be a guest on your talk show! I deeply appreciate the fact that you afforded me time to explain in detail some of my theories concerning such intriguing topics as the ubiquity of life in the cosmos, climatological warfare, Samson’s possible alien ancestry, cone headed Martians in ancient Egypt, the Thomas Mantell UFO case, and Ets destroying the dinos. While I have appeared on other shows, I never before had an opportunity to cover such a wide spectrum of subjects in depth. Other programs should endeavour to copy your excellent format! May the Power of the Cosmos be with you! Yes! Yes ! Yes!"

JANET RUSSELL - Television Host & Broadcast Producer, - "I have known Rob McConnell many years even though he is in Canada and I am in NY we have met and have worked together Rob is a decent, honest and credible person. I don’t recommend many people but I know he is the cream of the crop, Great guy, honest, dedicated in his work as always. And when he promises, he always comes thru, if you need to know any more you can contact me."

SACRED CONNECTIONS - Psychic/Mediums, - "Myself and Divine Dove want to extend our thanks for such a wonderful host. Thank you Rob and your producers and everyone who worked on the show which made it very relaxing and made us feel welcomed. Hope to return again someday soon!!"

DEBORAH SANDELLA PHD, RN - Author, Speaker, and Counsellor, - "Being interviewed on the X-Zone radio show by host Rob McConnell was definitely worth staying up past my bedtime. His playful banter make me feel right at home. Amidst all the fun we had, he never forgot to remind the listeners about my work with intuition and where to get my book, Releasing the Inner Magician! Thanks Rob! I’d be your guest again anytime!"

EDD SCORPIO - Photographing the Paranormal - - "A great interview - casual, fun, and covered a lot of information. Rob is a consummate broadcast professional, making the time fly by in a relaxed atmosphere! I hope the audience has as much fun listening as we did recording...and maybe learns a thing or two."

SCORPIONA - - "Just wanted all of you to know how much I enjoyed doing the show with Rob. He has a nice way of making a guest comfortable and it is like having a conversation in one’s living room. I do a lot of my work late at night, being the night owl I am, and I have been listening as of late and have passed the show info on to others here in Detroit. Should you get stuck with a cancellation, try me at home where I am usually on the computer. I have so many true eerie stories to relay and can just go on and on."

ANNY SEAVEY - Working the Sea: Misadventures, Ghost Stories, and Life Lessons from a Maine Lobster Fisherman, - "Dear Rob, Wendell and I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful host and so welcoming to us. This was Wendell’s first interview that he knew was going to be heard internationally, and to say the least he was nervous, you put him at ease in just a few minutes. - that’s a gift kiddo. I was really embarrassed to be included into the program since the last thing on the planet I would want in the slightest way would be to steal even a bit of my husband’s thunder, I could have killed myself for being so curious in wanting to hear the program before today when I could hear it on my computer ! However you made me feel more at ease right away -- thanks. Many thanks Rod for your generous spirit and easy way. Our very best to you always . keep up the good work."

WENDELL SEAVEY - Working the Sea: Misadventures, Ghost Stories, and Life Lessons from a Maine Lobster Fisherman, - "Dear Rob, Wendell and I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful host and so welcoming to us. This was Wendell’s first interview that he knew was going to be heard internationally, and to say the least he was nervous, you put him at ease in just a few minutes. - that’s a gift kiddo. I was really embarrassed to be included into the program since the last thing on the planet I would want in the slightest way would be to steal even a bit of my husband’s thunder, I could have killed myself for being so curious in wanting to hear the program before today when I could hear it on my computer ! However you made me feel more at ease right away -- thanks. Many thanks Rod for your generous spirit and easy way. Our very best to you always . keep up the good work."

SARA SGARLAT - Director, Sgarlat Publicity, - "Rob McConnell is a radio show producer and host whom I have worked with directly for almost 7 years. When I pitch an author to him he gets back to me promptly and conveys what materials he needs and then conducts superior interviews with my clients. Each client has commented that they see direct sales from their interview on the “X” Zone."

PATRICK SIMS - Bread from Heaven, - "Good morning, my dear friend! I awoke this morning thinking of the interview with you and was preparing to send a letter of gratitude when I saw your email.  The pleasure is mine--to work with you. I appreciate the opportunity to have a voice on such an exceptional platform.  ‘X’ ZONE NATION holds a special place in my heart.  My husband prophesied to me in 2007, “The Lord said not to concern yourself with pastors who do not want you to minister to their 50 people, because God has prepared a platform for you that will reach millions.”  You, my dear friend, are part of my destiny.  Our world is rapidly changing but I’m grateful that you have given me a voice.  I thank God for you.  I still want to meet you and your wife one day in person.  I love you!  God bless you!"

RANDALL SMITH - NDE at Age of Six and Light Beings - "Hello my friends. It’s a privilege to be a guest on Rob’s show The 'X' Zone, very professional and personable and an absolute great host. I look forward to every opportunity he passes my way, true to self is working great for this show. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this great show and platform, Rob McConnell is a true warrior in his field. Blessings to Rob and the staff at The 'X' Zone !

JUDY SMITH, RN - Morgellons Disease - "I want to thank you so much for having us as your guest. It is vital to get the name of our disease known. Knowledge IS Power! This disease is real & more people become infected with it every day. We need more research & funding for that research. I understand that the number one occupational group with this disease IS nurses! Is this due to the fact that nurses are on front-lines?! Or is it because WE are taught to OBSERVE, RECORD or DOCUMENT, then REPORT OUR OBSERVATIONS to the physician?! Nurses are the worst patients, with doctors coming in a close second! Why would anyone suggest self-mutilation? We don’t want to be the patient!!! We want to take care of our patients!! This disease is very bizarre! But it IS very real! Those naysayers may learn firsthand what this disease is like--if ‘they’ continue to pussy-foot around-instead of taking this very seriously, it will indeed be ‘crawling’ across their front lawns into their skin!!! I would like to suggest a movie for your viewing pleasure, “And The Band Played On!” My daughter was born in October 1981. I lost a lot of blood during a c/section and had 2 units of blood the next day. After seeing the movie, I was livid!!!! I hope all of you can see the possibility of a recurrence of this scenario shown in the movie!! Thanks to all of you OUT THERE for your prayers & kind words! We will kick this disease!! I have it on the highest Authority!!! Much love."

EDWIN HARKNESS SPINA - Author of Mystic Warrior: A Novel Beyond Time and Space, - "It’s always a pleasure to work with people that are at the top of their game, and being interviewed by Rob on the X-Zone was one of those experiences. Rob’s broad understanding of spiritual, as well as paranormal subjects, allowed us to discuss subjects such as God, spiritual evolution, and how Ets, angels and ascended masters fit into the picture. These subjects were in addition to the telepathy and psychic phenomena described in my book. Rob’s ability to offer insights and opinions really added to the show. I hope to get a chance to work with Rob and his staff again in the near future."

BRAD STEEL - - "It was a stellar delight to be on the ‘X’ Zone Radio Show. Though the paranormal element in my novel MUTE is central to the story, I started literally at square one with mysterious cattle mutilations and found this to be by far the most astonishing aspect of all my research. (As much as the book centers on mutes, it is also about such multifaceted subjects as government conspiracy, prion diseases like BSE, terrorism and the things that make us love one another and hate people weve never met.) I remain amazed that despite the shocking prevalence of cattle mutilations, the subject remains--as Rob pointed out--unduly constrained beneath the social radar when it could often be front-page news. It was a thrill to speak to someone who works daily to break this and other similarly mutedsubjects into public awareness. Thank you for an exciting and thoroughly professional interview."

DR. SUSAN SHUMSKY - - "Rob’s easy-going style put me completely at ease. The interview was a joy, because of Rob’s professional yet spontaneous way of conducting it. He obviously did his homework when choosing the questions, and he challenged me to think out of the box. His questions were deep and insightful. I would love to do another interview with Rob anytime."

DERREL SIMS - Alien Hunter,, - "As always I loved your show. While on the break for the 2 hour interview, I received calls from Idaho, San Francisco, and Australia. These folks were listening to your show. They will not call in, but they will email. All 3 were abductees, and the Australian one was a new comer to the area. For years he has languished with the idea…and now is ready to come forward…thanks to you and this interview. Keep up the good work."

ROCHELLE DIANE SPARROW - Channel of President John F Kennedy, - "Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest on your show. It was a pretty intense experience and I received email stating that people felt it was intense! I certainly would love to come on again after the book is completed. It would also be ok if you would like to do three way or four way shows with other folks or if you would like to put me on a olygraph, etc. I am open to all who would like to verify the information, as long as it is a respectful and conjoint process. I appreciated both you and your producer by the way, who made it exactly that, a respectful process. I am still in the “zone” so to speak from the show. I appreciate your hard work and all the work you do."

MICHELE STABLEFORD - Psychic, Medium, Empathic, Reiki Master, - "It was such a pleasure to be on the show, I had a lot of fun, and I am glad to have Rob back! You’re a wonderful person and fantastic radio host. When talking about the paranormal and psychic abilities, Rob is definitely one of the most grounded and level headed people I know. He’s usually on the fence, till he’s exhausted all possible explanations for -or- against any issue, which is what has earned him his amazing reputation. Thanks again, and I look forward to talking with Rob again in the future!"

DR. FRANK E STRANGES - "Warm Greetings from California. Please know that the X-Zone has proven to be one of the most important programs on the air today. It is highly informative and enlightening. I appreciate the back bone and honesty with which each program is presented. I am proud to be your friend as well as a part of the X-Zone. God Bless Your Ever Effort."

MICHAEL NEIL STANTON - “The 11:11 Phenomenon”, - "I would like to thank Rob for giving me a chance to expose the 11:11 phenomenon on his successful and popular radio show. I am author of “The 11:11 Phenomenon” and also creator of, a successful website that deals with all theories and aspects of the phenomenon. Rob was a great host who showed genuine interest in what I had to offer. He had researched the topic on his own and was well informed. He is a kind, open and fair presenter of all things ‘weird’ and I look forward to my next appearance in The ‘X’ Zone...."

BRAD STEIGER - - "It is always a special pleasure to appear on a talk program to discuss the paranormal when the host is as well informed as Rob. There is no question that he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of the strange and the unknown, yet Rob also has a “third ear” that hears the unspoken questions that his audience members are asking of his guest. It is here that Rob’s great talent as an interviewer enters the discussion and enables him to present a balanced and provocative program on each and every occasion."

E. TWICHELL - Author and UFO Researcher, - "I want to thank Rob McConnell for inviting me to be a guest on his show. He is a most congenial host. The topics covered on “X” Zone are as various as they are fascinating. I look forward to another opportunity to take part in his ever-expanding program."

TOWNSEND, Mitchel - Scientific Proof of Bigfoot - "It has been my distinct pleasure to appear on The “X” Zone Radio Show with Mr. Rob McConnell.  The interviews that I participated in were very professional, well organized, and very informative.  Rob has a very unique style that enables a level of exchange that most professionals are simply unable to attain.  His questions were well thought out and allowed me to present our research and theories in a cogent and comprehensive format that I feel illuminated our discoveries in a understandable manner that translated to your international audience quite easily.  As Rob mentioned the discovery of a new giant Hominin species will upend the belief’s that mainstream science and human society at large cling to so vociferously by providing an alternative that is at the same time provocative and yet hopeful."   

DR. LOUIS TURI - Astro Parapsychologist, - "Rob's expertise makes it a joy for me to be a guest on his show. His wit and common sense add to any of my spiritual topics. I have been a regular guest on many radio and television programs last 25 years and I consider Rob to be one of the best radio personality I had the joy to work with. He is a real PRO!"

GARY VAL TENUTA - Author: The Ezekiel Code, - "Hi Rob: Just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you for the interview! I hope your listeners enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. Like I told my lady friend, Julie, just a few minutes ago, of all the radio interviews I've done over the years I still prefer your voice, personality and interview style over all the others. Of course, none of the others (aside from Whitley Strieber) are at the same level of experience and professionalism as you... but still. LOL. Thanks again, and I would love to tell your listeners the story of the Ouija board experience some time. It is, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing Ouija stories on record. The entire story is written up in a 7-part article at ."

JEREMY VAENI - Author, I Know Why The Aliens Don't Land!, - "This was my first interview with Rob McConnell and I must say it was one of the more all-around positive radio experiences I've had. On the air, this is because he knows how to have a discussion as opposed to a clashing of viewpoints. Off the air, it's because he's as genuine and caring and careful of his subject as a talk show host who--heaven forbid--is actually interested in the topic at hand! My only regret is that we didn't have another hour to flesh out some of the ideas we discussed. That's one of those rare good regrets."

ELLIOTT VAN DUSEN -  "I wanted to express my gratitude for the previous and future opportunities to participate in The 'X' Zone Radio Show on Classic 1220. It is always a positive, memorable experience, and I am pleased to have been a part of such a long-standing radio program in the world of the supernatural. Reflecting on my appearance, I found the atmosphere of the show to be professional, non-judgmental, and welcoming. The topics discussed were intriguing and relevant, which certainly adds value for both the guests and the listeners. Your approach as a host, facilitating open and thought-provoking discussions, was particularly commendable. It encouraged a deeper exploration of the subjects at hand, which is essential in a show that delves into the realms of the paranormal and parapsychological. I am grateful for the chance to share my insights and experiences as a part of PPRI. I look forward to rejoining the show in the near future on January 17. Thank you once again for this opportunity and for seeking feedback to continually improve the show. I wish you and the team at The 'X' Zone Radio Show continued success and a wonderful holiday season. Warm regards,Elliott Van Dusen, Director, Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation."

VAISHALI - - "Dearest Beloved Rob: Thank you so much for having me as your radio guest, I greatly enjoyed it. You are a most gracious and classy host. Thank you for the information below, I have forward it on to Aime to respond to. Be well and many blessings. Vaishali"

ANGELICA WAGNER - - "Rob is the brightest and best in his field. As a radio/ TV host he has hosted the most brilliant and creative people in the world in many fields including health care, paranormal events and body, mind, spirit. He is at the top of his game with who he knows and how he can help. I appreciate the high integrity, great results and amazing work that Rob brings to the planet, day after day. he is a force to be reckoned with and acknowledged. Rob has worked in his field since 1993 when I met him and has continued as a source of inspiration and wisdom to me for many years. He interviewed me as a resource when my work was just being published. After almost 20years Rob McConnell of knowing Rob, he has personally continued to strive to be the best and SEE the best in those he interviews, and it shows through his purpose as a master connector and new broadcaster. Pay attention to this man, he has information on the latest and greatest in many fields of current thought and human behaviour. An outstanding person!"

SHURLENE WALLACE - From The Motherland To The Mothership, - "Being on Rob's show was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Rob has that unique ability to make you feel at ease right from the very start. Rob also has a valuable asset as an interviewer to delve deep into the subject that you are discussing by asking relevant questions and maintaining objectivity, no matter how far out the comments by his guest may personally sound to him. He never makes you feel that way. He respects his guests stories and thoroughly entertains even the most seemingly bizarre or far out information. If only all talk show hosts could take some lessons from Rob. Thanks Rob for simply being a gracious, objective and accommodating host."

PASTOR HARRY WALTHER - Escape 666 Bible Prophecy Revealed, - "I enjoyed being a guest on The 'X' Zone with Rob McConnell on 2/28/05. This show is a good forum for open discussion about The Existence of Extra-Terrestrials and their possible connection (good or bad) with The Bible and Prophecy. I hope to be a guest again on your program. God Bless you, Pastor Harry."

CRAIG SIM WEBB: I am grateful for the many invitations to join Rob on the X-Zone, and enjoy our friendly banter and like the way X-Zone has a few times played my dream-inspired music as bumper/background music and also discussed plenty about my books, services, and inventions meant to inspire and empower listeners beyond what the show already offers listeners on air. Glad to be part of the community. Happy Holidays to everyone there and great wishes and health for 2024 and well beyond."

ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE, JD, Med - ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space - - "Rob McConnell creates on Open Space on the X-Zone for clear communication to North Americans: Canadians, residents of the United States, and to all of his listening audience throughout our world - and as well to any Off-Planet cultures who may be listening in. The X-Zone allows the presenter to talk about our complex, multi-dimensional future in a very straight forward way. Nothing is left off the table in the programme, and many important new insights make their way unexpectedly onto the air. One way to stay current with our Universe is to stay tuned to the X-Zone today."

BOB WHITE - UFO Evidence, - "I want to thank Rob McConnell for one of the best interviews i have ever done anywhere. It was a pleasure to be on the show and sincerely hope the audience enjoyed the show. If not for cutting edge reporters like Rob the people will never know things like this object exist and are very real. The world needs to know what's really going on and Rob is slowly peeling open the government cover-up of UFO'S and Alien visitation to this planet. The Truth Starts Here on the "X-ZONE"."

MICHELLE WHITEDOVE - Spirit-Medium and Author - - "The air waves need more paranormal researchers like Rob McConnell. He helps people to think outside the box by bringing to light, many complex subjects that require humankind’s consideration. With eloquence he covers them all, and successfully mixes entertainment with education. Rob, not only do I appreciate your service to humanity but I want to let you know that; “You are scoring brownie points is Heaven!!” Keep up the Good Work! . Sending you Love and Light, Michelle Whitedove”.

REV. DCN, SHAWN PATRICK WHITTINGTON - Exorcist - - "There is an old paranormal radio legend that says, if you sit down at your computer, plug in and put on your headphones, pull up Skype and say three times out loud, "Rob McConnell, Rob McConnell, Rob McConnell" that you will experience something supernatural!? Well, I did and suddenly I found myself on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell and it was AMAZING! A nicer guy and more professional radio show host and network you will not find. Just when you thought it was safe to tune in to a paranormal radio show, it is when its The 'X' Zone Radio Show on The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network and Classic1220!!! Thank you Rob. God bless, Rev. Dcn Shawn Whittington."    

HOWARD WIMER - - "There is no question that Rob McConnell is a true professional. I have been interviewed by 100's of radio and television personalities and he is truly interested in what you say and will carry on a conversation rather than just follow a set "system." This is what makes a great interviewer. In addition, he makes you feel at easy and have fun doing it! Thanks again for all the great opportunities to share with people who are truly searching for the meaning of life. This is a great show."

JOHN WINSTON - "My name is John Winston and I have been on Rob's radio show for two times. Rob has always been kind to me and allowed me to put forth the information I have without cutting me off and giving me a hard time. I would recommend his program be broadcast on any radio station at any time he would so chooses."

PRIESTAN TIBERIUS WONG - "Rob McConnell and his creation, the X-Zone is instrumental in opening the minds of thousands to world they never knew. He adds dimensions to the realm we live in, and presents possibilities that give all of us an increasing substance to ourselves and our environment. His professionalism and dedication consistently opens doors to everyone's imagination and nurtures our curiosity. Rob examines issues from all sides, and his objective viewpoint allows his audience a freshening chance to decide their own personal interpretations. Rob offers us a choice, and choosing is the one true freedom any of us have left in this world. This is a fantastic gift in this day and age, and Rob McConnell is the ultimate selfless giver."

PETER WOOLFORD - The Genesis Grid, - "Advertising on The 'X' Zone Radio Show and The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper has been as exciting for me, the author of The Genesis Grid, as it has been rewarding. Steady increases in website traffic and book sales are easily correlated with the campaigns: hardly surprising when you consider the huge size of the audience. The sheer depth and breadth of the subjects covered make this show unique, and the quality of the guests reflects favourably on any advertiser. I cannot see anything to match the value of the multimedia marketing packages offered, and it's great to get YouTube freebees and professional studio creativity at an all-in bargain price. It's also terrific to get feedback and sales from diverse places around the world. It kicks into touch everything else I've tried. And then there's that voice! Where will you ever hear a voice like Rob McConnell's? I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful, powerful, utterly unique radio show as an advertising channel. It is where all of my advertising spend will go in the foreseeable future."

AMETHYST WYLDFYRE - Transformational Therapies and Light Body Services, - "Thank you so much Rob! I had fun with our call tonight. I hope that you enjoyed it too. I would be happy to be your guest again anytime -10 PM is a great time slot for me! Feel free to contact me if you have any future open slots & you need a guest. Thank you again so much for the opportunity to join you on your show, it's clear that you are one of the lights that is illuminating the way for many. Peace and joy."

OBERON ZELL -  Wizard Oz - - "As always, I very much enjoyed our time together on your show the other night. As much fun as it was, it always feels that we have too little time, as you open so many fascinating topics for potential discussions! Many threads to be followed up on in future interview."