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The 'X' Zone on Classic 1220

Monday - Friday 10 pm - Midnight

Become A Guest on The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Attention All Explorers of The Unknown And Masters of the Mysterious: The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell Wants You!


Do you possess knowledge that pushes the boundaries of conventional wisdom? Have you experienced something unexplainable, something that defies the norms of reality? Perhaps you're an expert in the fields of paranormal, parapsychology, ufology, or any discipline that dances on the fringes of science?

If so, this is your opportunity to share your unique insights with an audience that hungers for the extraordinary. Join me, Rob McConnell on 
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, Monday through Friday from 10 PM to Midnight Eastern Time on Classic 1220 and streaming worldwide 
on, broadcasting out of the vibrant heart of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Under the seasoned guidance of Canadian broadcaster and media personality, yours truly, Rob McConnell, you will find a platform that has championed the unexplained and provided a voice for the unheard for over 35 years. My expertise and wealth of experience ensures a rich conversation that's as engaging as it is enlightening.

As a guest on The 'X' Zone, your voice will traverse the airwaves, reaching out to a community of listeners eager to delve into the curiosities that you bring to the table. Whether it's ghostly encounters, psychic phenomena, supernatural, the occult, ghosts, and hauntings, or close encounters of the third kind, there's a spot here for your story.

The ‘X’ Zone is for radio/TV but if you do not wish to be on the TV version, no problem! I will simply use your photo in place of your video. It will be the same show, the same affiliates, and the same syndicated stations.

Ready to step into The 'X' Zone? It's simple. Visit and schedule a date and time that works for you for your appearance. Discover the thrill of sharing your journey on a show that celebrates the exploration of life's greatest enigmas.

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Your audience awaits.


Rob McConnell, ASIP, CI, CNIC,

Host, Creator, Showrunner, Senior Executive Producer

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show and